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John's Characters Played

Freki Imsigul (Straight Fighter) Died 2-3-1233 TGR

Bearalin Marshall (henchman) Died 2-3-1233 TGR
Tael Seanfellow (henchman)(dwarf) Died 15-2-1233 TGR

Darian Lambert (Fighter/Priest) (Palidan want-to-be) (half elf) Died 3-12-538 WPR

Carl Brethson Died 323-3-1234 TGR
Duras (priest)(henchman) leaves to join Kira Fancy
BooBoo (Fighter)(henchman) (voadkyn) Died 6-9-1238 TGR

Kira Fancy (theif/fighter Duel class) Died 10-1-1240 TGR

Duras (henchman) (died)
Tuvoc (henchman) (half elven) leaves to join Ty
Glenda (henchman) (dwarf)
Kahn (Mage) (henchman) leaves to join Ty

Krull the Sol (dwarf fighter) Started Playing 10-1-1240 TGR

Ty (elf Fighter) Died date unknown

Tuvoc (henchman) (half elven) Died date unknown
Kahn (henchman) leaves to join Thed

Thed E Vile (Mage) Died date unknown

Kahn (henchman) leaves to join Paul Elvenstire

Gartoum (Mage) Died date unknown

Chrysania(henchman) Died date unknown

Kal el (fighter) Died 1-2-33 WPR


Chonny (Fighter/Mage who considered himself a priest)

Paul ElvenStier (fighter/mage) reborn as 16 year old human month 2 day 16 year 1260 TGR

Kahn (Mage)(henchman)
Kit (fighter)(henchman)
Kazza (fighter/priest) (henchman)

Non Played Characters

Belinda (Paul's wife)
Terrance? (Paul's wife "ex")
unnamed Priest of War


New Campaign

Hoffman Fighter first appearance Sep 03 10
-> Brother Fotopoulos Henchman created by BOB so don't blame me
-> QuiFon Ruminell Priest of Procog
-> Miranda Paige Dual Class Priestess of Idun / Mage creation Jan 15 10