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Chathandar's Bane

Thedd Era

16-4-1244 TGR - 23-4-1244 TGR

Chathandar's Bane was a very intense adventure that the group triumphed in. They were searching for a thief of a stolen magic item. During the start of the adventure the group found them selves all shrunk down to miniature size, only an inch or two tall. They conquered over great odds, and during the course of the adventure Sean performed one of the great feats of daring and quick thinking in the game. His character was being carried in the air and was about to be eaten when he managed to break free in mid air. Sean's quick thinking and incredible luck with dice rolls turned this into a leap onto the back of a falling bat that had just been killed. He then turned it into a zombie bat and guided it to the ground for a safe landing.

This was only one of the many feats of daring the group pulled off and amazingly all of the characters survived the entire experience.

Feed Back & Recollections

This adventure was a joy to run. The players all got very into the idea of being in the strange new world and they all felt a great deal of accomplishment for surviving the adventure as a group. Sean's aerial antics lived on in legend for many years.

My memory of this adventure is that Sean was the most vocal upset when my character, Ka Lel (I believe) pulled out the scroll that allowed us to turn the dead bat into a flying dead bat after we had walked so far already. They both could have happened I guess.


John you may be right in that detail, all I have in my notes was Sean rode the undead bat to the ground. BOB

The original adventure was Chandranther's Bane in Dungeon #18)