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Christy Doerr


Christy joined our game by mistake. I had met her at a party and her boyfriend was interested in roleplaying. She brought him by my house just to introduce him and then to leave. She ended up staying and being one of the stalwart players over the years.

Christy soon became addicted to dice and a competition between her and Lorie on who had the best looking dice at the table was on. Her attitude was always helpful when the group would spend too much time trying to plot out the best way to solve a trap. "Just do something" became a mantra to move the party along.

One of the things that makes the online participation so crucial to our game now is the ability to have players of Christy's caliber back at the game after they have moved halfway across the country.

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Morgana Loran

Palin? (henchman) Died 9-1-1240 TGR