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Church of Otterville

The Kayugan Church of Otterville lays in the center of the Dragon Fen Estates.

Mario 2-6-19

Hi all,

I was toying with a generic church floor plan for a bit, and with the new church built in Otterville, it seemed like a calling. I have posted three images below, one for each floor, of super rough drafts of ideas I had.

A few things:

  • NOTHING YOU SEE IS SET IN STONE. I simply had some ideas i put to paper (or PC). It's not my church; it's our church.
  • There is no orientation; it can be rotated to face any direction
  • The grounds-keeping is just for flavor, so the building stands out; it also is just super rough and will be custom designed
  • I color-coded each floor, so it would stand out from each other
  • There currently NO windows, they are easily added later.
  • I imagine the church can be illuminated with Continual Light Spells, cast on some creative method to shutter the light if necessary

Ground Floor

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view

The Ground Floor is the main service/celebration room. It has dedicated space for five gods, one main, and four lesser in the side nooks.

  • The smaller side nooks formed by the transept are not included in the above floors; this is so we could have a larger ground floor, where most of the action would be.
  • The two side nook areas are purposefully wide; this is so we could honor two gods per space with the curtain in place; if necessary, the curtain can be removed to make the 'room' larger for a larger congregation
  • Each row of three benches could hold between 8-10 people, and the room could be filled with them; i just added a few to show scale. I guess we could get about 400 in the main room, depending how we stack the parishioners(!!)
  • There are two smallish offices by the main doors; these can be used by the cleric on duty; maybe a window where tithes could be collected before entry was granted. The Church manager could use the other as an office.
  • The two stairs lead up to the second floor; the ceilings are 15 feet
  • There are two doors on each side of the main altar; these could be changed to fireplaces if desired.

Second Floor

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view

The Second Floor is partially drawn.

  • I added two rooms for the two acolytes flanking a central common room for those in need. I remember the times our party were put up in churches when we needed help; this is what this room is for. Villagers whose home burned down; travelers needing shelter. I imagine it a common room with bed rolls, or beds proper, drawers with maybe clothes and basic necessities.
  • The acolytes' rooms could also host a small patio just over the front doors, if desired. It woiuld break up the squareness of the building
  • The rest of the space can be cut up and divided as we see fit. I have a list of ideas below.

Third Floor

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view

The Third Floor is completely bare. I had a few ideas for this space too.

  • Maybe an open courtyard in the center, where herbs could be grown, or quiet areas for meditation, or sun worship (ha!) or whatever.
  • Hallways all around the outside, even open corridors
  • Or instead of a courtyard, maybe a patio the width of the building, over the main altar area, where the apartments of the three residents ( Snezana, Kenna, and Mara) could connect to.
  • Herb garden, same as the courtyard.


Other concerns::

I made a very limited list of spaces or rooms we may need. I will leave it to you all to decide which we utilize and which we don't. Please add to this list!

  • Rooms for the three residents: sizes, locations, adjoining patio?
  • Herb Garden: location and size
  • Library: house books, make copies the Kayugan canon, write poetry, etc.
  • Metalwork Room: for Mara
  • Kitchen: Do we need one?
  • Stable: is there a need? some may ride from other towns
  • Store Rooms:
    • One for candles, oils, wines, for supplies for Mass or Celebration
    • One for clothes, food, bedding for the needy
    • One for ceremonial items, like altar clothes, robes, etc.
    • One for common spell components
    • One for musical instruments for services? Harp, etc.
  • I know I did not account for specialized rooms for the characters other than Mara; not sure if Kenna will need a cooking room for her craft, or if either will need rooms for their NWPs/skills


My suggestion is to download the images for each floor from Imgur (follow the link), open it in your favorite drawing software, and have at it! Add rooms and spaces. Don't worry about it being exact, neat, or even coherent; just boxes and squares and labels. I can incorporate your ideas into a final plan. I use an online floor plan site to draw the walls; it's super easy and fairly quick. We can do a Skype screen share or voice chat if desired. We could use Discord, too.

Have fun with this, and please reach out to me. I am almost always available

cel: 714-830-8728
Skype: mariov14