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Claiming Skull Church

For the Love of Mist Era

From 14-1-349 SKR to ??? SKR

After the end of Third Time is Tradition Branwyn decided to claim Skull Church as part of Dragon Fen. She appointed Snee as her vassal to be the Governor over these lands.

Protectorate Supplies

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Character Quotes

Time Line To track where each character is in time as the story arc moves along

14-1-349 SKR - Start of Story Arc - Snee made Governor of Protectorate, Johan arrives at Dragon Fen Manor from Redfern Lake
15-1-349 SKR - arrive at Dragon Fen Manor
16-1-349 SKR - 19-1-349 SKR - Branwyn casts identify on many object, Ilero appraises many objects, Snee and group assemble Protectorate Supplies
20-1-349 SKR - Snee and group leave to travel back to Skull Church
***group: Snee, Brer, Talwin, Skarp, Sundown, Tiberius, Johan, Emerald, Thistle, Kenna
21-1-349 SKR - Branwyn completes identify spells
22-1-349 SKR - Indigo returns from Redfern Lake and arrives at Orchard House, group arrives back at Skull Church
22-1-349 SKR - Protectorate Group begins construction projects
22-1-349 SKR - Branwyn, Howard, Indigo (and others in Dragon Fen) begin work on their training and projects
2-2-349 SKR - Construction completed on replacing the old farmhouse with a residence, stable, and fill in front 100 feet of the moat
3-2-349 SKR - Snee, Emerald start negotiations with goblins
***group: Snee, Emerald, Thistle, Brer, Sundown, Talwin, Ghietjer, Kaeln
3-2-349 SKR - Begin construction on path from Skull Church to Travelers Way, anticipated to be completed in 15 months
6-2-349 SKR - Tiffress Wildwander finds a potential mine to the east of Skull Church
***group: Tiffress, Skarp, Tiberius, Johan, Kenna, Potama
8-2-349 SKR - Agreement for 15% of the smelted output from the Siffress Wildwander's Lucky Dwarf Mine with gnome from their mining village
9-2-349 SKR - start exploiting the Lucky Dwarf Mine
16-2-349 SKR - discovery of a second mine a half mile away from the Lucky Dwarf Mine, a Copper mine
26-2-349 SKR - discovery of a mine one mile east of the Lucky Dwarf Mine, a Silver mine
1-3-349 SKR - Goblin Chief Charming Day
1-3-349 SKR - first monthly installment of 894 GP/month for path construction
5-3-349 SKR - discovery of another mine one half mile south of the Lucky Dwarf Mine, an Iron mine
10-3-349 SKR - first potential date that Shi returns to Dragon Fen Manor
16-3-349 SKR - discovery of another mine one and a half miles northeast of Skull Church, a Lead mine
22-3-349 SKR - Howard learns 4th level spells from Branwyn
1-4-349 SKR - second installment of 894 GP for path construction
1-4-349 SKR - Negotiate with Mr Silver on tolls for the new path from Skull Church to Travelers Way
1-4-349 SKR - Goblin Chief Charming Day
3-4-349 SKR - Branwyn learns Contagion
14-4-349 SKR - Branwyn learns Tenser's Transformation
15-4-349 SKR - Howard learns Alarm
1-5-349 SKR - Third installment of 894 GP for path construction
1-5-349 SKR - Goblin Chief Charming Day
1-5-349 SKR - Negotiation completed with Old Man Miller at Redfern Lake to 50% of the taxes collected on the new path from Skull Church to Travelers Way
7-5-349 SKR - Howard learns Irritation
1-6-349 SKR - Fourth installment of 894 GP for path construction
1-6-349 SKR - Goblin Chief Charming Day
4-6-349 SKR - The Moat around Skull Church is filled in and the black pudding threat eliminated
15-6-349 SKR - Governor's residence at Hourglass completed.
18-6-349 SKR - Freak snowstorm in the Northern Wastes ruins crops and frightens off most construction workers around Houglass, New Shrine to Aclim is delayed a month recruiting new workers. The storm seems centered on Battle of Hastilton Hill battlefield.
8-7-349 SKR - Howard stops trying to learn Fumble
8-7-349 SKR - Completion of the new Shrine to Aclim and Governor's residence at Hourglass
10-7-349 SKR - Indigo killed by a Dragon Turtle during Swamp Monster, Kenna does Raise Dead to return him to the living
12-7-349 SKR - Meeting at Skull Church to decide how to proceed against the Dragon Turtle
14-7-349 SKR - Defeat Dragon Turtle and return chests to the gnome fishing village
16-7-349 SKR - Everyone is back home from Swamp Monster, Sundown appointed Steward of the Protectorate
1-8-349 SKR - Travel to Redfern Lake and begin exploring Otsutan

Future Events

17-8-349 SKR - Siffress Wildwander's Lucky Dwarf Mine runs dry after giving up 6,340 GP

13-10-349 SKR - Shur gives birth
1-5-350 SKR - first potential date that the path from Skull Church to Travelers Way is completed

Chat Logs

This is a many parallel thread story arc. Each chat log might have several sections discussed in the course of a session. Each chat link is an anchor to that portion of the night's session. Those same anchor links are in the In Character, Out of Character, Session Summary and Play List pages as well.

The Moat

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The Church Renovations

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The Goblins

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Mine Operations

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Building the Protectorate

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