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Colmet is a small country located on Terraguard's southern border. It is through Colmet that the Great Trade Route enters Terraguard.

Lord Wyn Caerig, Earl of Colmet, oversees the rule of the country from his ancestral home in the capitol city of Vaielth?. While the Earl and his six sons are known to be great warriors, the Countess and their five daughters are acknowledged as avid scholars.

Toward the centre of Colmet is a town called Gilmairay?; here is located a large temple dedicated to Diancecht. The town itself is surrounded on three sides by a great forest known as the Gower Wood. The Caerig Estates are on the southwestern borders of the Gower Wood.

Several adventurers have come out of the County Colmet to make a name for them selves. Both Rhys of Gilmairay and Moirra of the Dragonslayers are examples of the strength of the people here.