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Court of Thanes

From 4-12-348 SKR to 22-12-348 SKR

After Tiberius died in Third Time is Tradition Branwyn took a group to Loosend to have him resurrected. In exchange for this favor the Greek church tasked her with finding the sacred Scallop Shell of Aphrodite.

The group determined that the closest hamlet to where the shell was lost is Scary in the Gold Hills. The group traveled up the Long South Road towards the town of Bree the traditional entrance to Gold Hills, part of the South Shire. Heading into the Old Forest to search for the ambush site the group became entangled in the politics of the grey elf village of Cawdor, and under the forest the dark elf settlement of Glamis, and the hill dwarf enclave of Northambria.

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Character Quotes

Coming up to a hill giant on the side of the road
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (keep your eyes forward and pretend you don't see. That's how I avoid interacting with coworkers.)

[Acolyte Gerard (Corvus)] Words cannot describe the mysteries I have witnessed with this group...

Ilero (TMO) nods at Shi. "Bran. Describe Shi for me please."
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shi? Shi is a magic and light, kindness and artistry. She is the forest brought to life in her eyes

[SpringyDew] prophecies are like traditions - peer pressure from dead people

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