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Adventures - A River Runs Through It - Wedding Crashers

Current Configuration:

  • Please read and comment below. Will be regularly updated as things change.
Jared Indigo Anastacia QuiFon Hugh Hoffman Miranda Tiberius Leatherus NPC EMPTY
Howard Penelope Brother Foto Kenna Neith and Mercy Galad (Wolf) Shi'Nynze Kel Mara NPC EMPTY
Ilero Shurkural Branwyn Marisu Jon Eddie (Dog) Wu Ithil (Wolf) Aeiria NPC

Key: Swimmers, Active NPCs (non-swimmers)


  • Mercy (does not count as people)
  • Fete (does not count as people)


  • Each Skiff if 5' wide by 16' long
  • We are spread about 100 yards normally.

Wedding Crasher Journey:

  • 4 small chests: (1) Potions and Scrolls, (1) Books, (1) Loot, (1) Empty

Mist Sickness Victims:

  • Shi, Kenna, Snee (Healers): 9 days
  • Anor (Fighter Wolf): 3 days
  • Kel, Hugh, Shur (Fighters): 4 days
  • Neith: 4 days
  • Johan, Marisu (Mage): 4 days
  • Jon (Swimmer/Unknown): 4 days


  • Define priest versus healers; switch Qui (priest) and Foto (healer)
  • Switch Jon and Foto if remaining as skiff #1 and skiff #2
  • Switch skiff #6 (Indigo) and skiff #1 (Branwyn) and shuffle as needed.
  • Find out if new passengers can swim and/or have preference for skiff spot.

4/7 Carissa

Thank you John for putting this together! I filled in best as I remember (although I will say already I know I switched Kenna and Snee) for starting configuration. So here were my thoughts when trying to figure this out earlier:

  • Lump together player characters.
    1. This is so we don't have to rearrange too much if someone cannot make it, has to leave early, ect. ect.
  • Split the priests, the fighters, and the casters, and distribute them as evenly as possible.
    1. I am confident everyone is at risk, front, center, or back. Remember when trolls attacked our middle guys? Yeah...
    2. Try not to make any one area too fighter heavy, too healer heavy, ect. ect.
    3. Some are put in specific areas or with people for reasons described further below.
  • A sailor up front, a sailor in the middle, and a sailor in back.
    1. As with the others, even distribution seems best.
    2. Account for those who fall into two categories (fighter/sailor).
  • A select few are admittedly a little more random.
    1. Where do we put Wu? First base? And Jilly is just simply to be near Branwyn.
    2. Some are interchangeable to me skill-wise (no offense!), like Kenna/Snee and Foto/Qui. But...
  • Consider some special relationships or pacts or whatever you want to call it between individuals.
    1. This also relates to skiff # as it is honestly a little less thought out, but...
    2. Branwyn #1 because she knows the swamp better than anyone and can defend herself.
    3. Tiberius was split because he is a swimmer, but he'd want to be close as possible to his wife so #2
    4. I tossed Shi with Branwyn because Branwyn has her wand and you know I still want it used. Maybe now?
    5. Kel would want to be close to Shi, but as a fighter, not a swimmer, is paired with a swimmer/caster, so #3
    6. He gets the two other wolves as backup swimmers. In my mind, Shi would otherwise pick Marisu, Shur, or Miranda since they've shown interest in the wolves, but either they have a dog with them or they have Ilero with them.
    7. So which healer wants to be the awkward third wheel with Indigo and Penelope?

There were other thoughts, somewhere, but no matter. Hopefully you kind of see where I was going with the planning. We might be a little people heavy now up front (with it all nicely laid out), and do we want to put a single individual with the cargo boats or is that risky? Do we even have a swimmer to spare for them? And while I did lump player characters together, this might limit who gets to engage with which encounter. For example, if both of Spring's characters are last half of the skiff train, she might not get to play with whatever we encounter up front. Does it matter? If watches keep going like they did yesterday, maybe not but something for you all with multiple characters to keep in mind.

Thoughts? Changes you think should be made?

4/7 John

This is a good default, subject to change depending on a number of factors. If TMO is not in and I am, Qui would best change to be with another skiff. The next step would be to clarify the difference between Priests and Healers. If Shi can heal, then Qui Fon would be better in #1 and Brother Foto back in the back, though it did work out so far. I think we are way too far apart and do not see why we would be more than a skiff length or so between skiff

4/7 Carissa

Good point. I was thinking Qui as a healer. So healers are:

Shi, Foto, Kenna, Snee, and Neith.

That should mean two front, one center, two back, in my mind. And glancing at it, it looks like we've that down, at least (though we might have to rebalance with those who have spells and those who don't after last night). But yes, we did accidentally lump two healers in one boat. We could switch Foto and Jon. He is a sailor and swimmer, but also an unknown entity. I figured Jennevive could keep an eye on him, but if he's in a boat with a mage who tears flesh and a "witch" and her scariest wolf, he should behave. And that way we have a sailor right in front.

Of course, we could also switch out the Indigo skiff with the Branwyn skiff (trade tour guide swimmer/mage with admiral/swimmer/fighter/sailor), but then we'd have to decide how to handle the Tiberius part and probably the Kel part.

The fun of trying to balance logistics and roleplay... :)

As for distance, rereading it, I might have misunderstood:

[Master] yes to Mario but people in the front two skiffs need to tell you what is happening, you are strung out over more than 100 yards

So...100 yards total with all skiffs? What does that mean for distance between? A skiff and a hop at most?

4-8 BOB

I tend to think of this along the lines of beads on a rope or un-connected links in a chain.

Each skiff is roughly 5 yards long, crammed up end to end the 10 cover about 50 yards.

You need room to pole, push, drag etc. each boat along so about 5 yards in between each one gives you about enough room.

Hence 100 yards from beginning to end when strung out in a straight line.

Of course that is a rough generalization. Terrain and circumstance might mean you are two or three across or spread out over more than 200 yards.

I will try to work out a better imagery for showing each of the skiffs lined up so encounters are a bit easier.

Also there needs to be someone in each of the skiffs if they are not physically connected obviously. So the two currently listed with only cargo in them.....

4-8 Lisa

Yeah, that is the only thing that is bothering me. The chests in empty skiffs. We have to tie the empty skiffs to a full skiff to drag them along, but whatever creature that decides to attack us that day could easily attack the empty skiff and sent the potion or loot chest overboard. If we could keep the chests in skiffs that have three people, that would make me feel a bit more comfortable.

4/8 Carissa

That is a good point. If it'll fit with the three people skiffs, we can switch them around. We can do that and still have two empty skiffs to tow behind us or between us or wherever, if that works?

I'd say have one chest with the Indigo/Penelope/Kenna skiff and the other one with the Shur/Ilero/Marisu skiff. We can switch it between Hugh/Neith/Johan and Hoffman/Miranda/Eddy skiffs as needed. None are full and those have good fighters/swimmers in them.

We can move Qui possibly to Skiff #9? If Sarengar doesn't return, we'll need a swimmer there. We don't have enough fighter/swimmers to spread out, but it is a skiff surrounded by two fighters plus Miranda and fly.

4/8 John

I am all for guarding the cargo, it's just that we had a significant ship so I have a hard time picturing it in skiffs. Do we realy only have two chests not in the scroll room? If not, I would think something would be in most of them so call them all 3 person skiff and only one empty extra. Should we break up what cargo is what? Let us see what this looks like.

Skiff 1
Shi'Nynze Zaurahel
≈ Anor (Wolf)
Cargo A
Skiff 2
Tiberius Branadarus
Cargo B
Skiff 3
≈ {Howard Plum}
Keldorldrin Tekenlyl
≈ Ithil (Wolf)
≈ Galad (Wolf)
Skiff 4
Empty Skiff
Skiff 5
Cargo C
Skiff 6
Brother Fotopoulos
Cargo D
Skiff 7
Kenna Westfoot
≈ Jon the Sailor
QuiFon Ruminell
Cargo E
Skiff 8
≈ Hugh D'Ambray
Neith of Inholt
Cargo F
Skiff 9
Sarengar Swiftbreeze?
Snottie Patron Snezana{C}
Cargo G
Skiff 10
Miranda Paige
≈ Eddie
Cargo H

4/8 Carissa

Quick question: what IS our cargo? Or better yet, what ISN'T in the room scroll?

[Lisa] bob - how much of our stuff could not fit in the room scroll?
[Master] the room scroll is 10 by 10 by 10 so it holds a bit under 1,000 cubic feet worth of stuff, I would say you put 800 cubic feet in there
[Lisa] so we fill the scroll up

Indigo has the party pack, and we tossed what we could into room scroll. Do we have that much to need to split it up?

At least the chests are waterproofed...

And one issue I see with that set-up is one healer up front and the rest are all in the back.

4/8 John

What about moving #7 to 3 or 4

4/9 Carissa

That could work, probably to #4, if we do indeed have enough cargo to split between skiffs.

Another thought: do we want the empty skiff between us? While only a skiff length, doesn't that technically split the party? I don't know fully what we might encounter, but I do wonder if even that length might matter. Overly cautious? Maybe, but...

4/28 Carissa

Question for BOB: How will unnamed NPCs work? As I understand, they are placeholders until anniversary game, but will we still need to protect them? Save them if they go overboard? Or will they act like ghosts until that day? Not sure how to shuffle them about...

Also: does Anastacia swim and will she insist in being in the same skiff as Indigo?

4/28 BOB

Yes to Anatacia swimming. Yes to the ghost NPCs being one round behind so no need to worry about them.

No comment on where Anatacia wants to be in which skiff. We will see how things work out.

4/29 Carissa

Reasons for current configuration for those who are curious and changes made:

  • Jared up front for obvious reasons of being a swimming scout from the swamps
  • Ghost NPCs all go into the empty skiffs so we can just forget about them now. For convenience, I threw them in back, but if something attacks us from the back, it is actually whoever will be in Skiff #8 to deal with it.
  • Miranda in the center because she is the only priest who can actually use healing spells at this moment. This way she is close to anyone and everyone.
    1. Also applies to others who are Mist Sick and may not be useful for the moment so need to shuffle them (looking at you, Johan).
  • Fighters get the job of guarding cargo. Hopefully that's self-explanatory.
  • Tweaking seats and people in skiffs based on perceived interactions and relation to newcomers:
    1. Wolves and strangers (Jared and Anastacia) do not mix. This does make things tricky. (Sorry Lisa, can't toss Branwyn and Tiberius together yet!....but you know I find it equally hilarious to toss Kel with him.)
    2. Ilero would probably like to be close to his second-in-command, and Indigo would probably like to be close to his old mentor.
    3. Howard has been removed from main skiff swimmer and replaced with Anastacia due to her being a swimmer and fighter.
  • Again kept Player PCs lumped together best as possible for convenience BUT remember we can easily shuffle when you're on so, say, if Marisu wants to hang out with Anastacia one trip (er, definitely wants to hang out with her mother's killer, right?), it's easy enough to toss her there or switch her out with an NPC.
    1. Partly why I think I'll toss Anastacia with some of the NPCs. Hope she doesn't mind...
  • Removed swimmer symbol for code clarity (annoying to see it when editing). Going with simple color-coding for swimmers for chart.

I will add more thoughts as I change things around. There is a chance I'll be tweaking things throughout the week. Any suggestions are good to give now as final version obviously isn't needed until Friday at game time.

New format might be harder to understand for edit (goes left-to-right, not down). You can just suggest who you want to switch to make it easier.

If such and such can't be with such and such, and such and such should be with such and such...and you didn't think those math word problems would ever be useful to daily life.

4/29 John

The individual skiff are fine but it looks like we are a little heavy in the middle. If we get attacks from the front or back, it will take awhile to get back up

  • Swapped Anastacia skiff and Indigo skiff to try to balance a little more. Will try to give it some thought beyond that. - Carissa
  • I think that you should spread out TMO's characters to more than 1 skiff, just asking for trouble the way it is - BOB

4/30 TMO

You might want to put another swimmer on Anastacia's skiff. As the person we're ostensibly along to protect, if she gets knocked out and overboard, no one from her skiff can save her.

4/30 John

If I was better at formatting, I would have the fighter (experienced) bold and healers in italics. Not to offend anyone but if you rank each skiff in combat readiness it looks to me as 1,1,2,2,2,2,2,1,1 when I would like more like 2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2. EVEN UNDERSTANDING it's not all about combat and there are different types of combat. I have a hard time with a baby on the back line. Understanding what happened when a player is not present makes it easier to have all their characters in one skiff, so I like the individual configuration. I also appreciate the role playing asspect. I am suggesting 8 put before 6 and moving 5 up to 1 or 2. Just my opinion.

Based on TMO sugestion, we could swap Brother Foto and Kenna

4/30 Carissa

Adjusted based on suggestions. Swimmers on first row so simple swap of Qui and Marisu; moved Skiff #8 to become Skiff #6 (I agree, the baby at end thing bothered me, too). I understand thoughts for Skiff #5 moving, but again, Miranda is the only one who can casting healing spells at this point which is why I personally feel better with her having (almost) equal distance to both front and back of skiff.

Italics on healers, bold on main fighters. Long day of travel, training all week, please don't be offended if your fighter wasn't bold because I didn't know if they classified as experienced. I'll let John point out if I missed ones he thinks needs bolding (yes, I probably did).

One last thought: agree another swimmer for Anastacia, but Kenna has had some good hits with her mallet. Swap her back in and toss Wu or Johan where she is now? And just me or does Skiff #2 seem a bit weak now?

5/1 John

I agree on two. We can shift 3 & 4 up or squeeze 5 between 1 & 2 but if I am not here it is the same as it is now. Both Brother Foto and Miranda had been in the mist before and made their saves so I thought they can both cast, just not cure the sickness.

5/1 Carissa

Ah! Did not know Foto had been in the Mist. I saw he made his save, but whether or not he'd been in the Mist before makes a difference between the initial six days or zero days of using spells. So yes, Foto can heal and we can account for two healers. Makes me feel better if you want to move Hoffman/Miranda skiff if we can toss Foto in back then (phone editing so can't see to suggest who or where at this moment).Moving the ones you suggested up look good at glance.

5/13 Carissa

More thoughts because now I feel like it's inevitable that we'll get separated (Anastacia is just the Russian Cassandra, right?). My main concern is, if it sits as it does now and splits, our only two current healers get lumped. That is assuming the ghost NPCs stay ghosts. Still, as a precaution, is it worth switching Skiff #5 and Skiff #6? Or do we go ahead and "move" the ghost NPCs and insert one at #5 which moves everyone backwards? That would delay reaching the other skiffs, though, but I feel like it needs to be stated early on so when (well, I guess if) it happens, we're covered.

Of course my belief is everything will be fine and dandy...until a certain day in June, when the ghost NPCs are given life. But just thoughts for the moment. Main one and easiest one being to just move Hoffman/Miranda/Eddie back one skiff.

...assuming it's a nice even split in the middle.

5/13 John

Switching the two should not make that big a deal. There will always be a situation where someone wishes they were some where else. I will be a complete change when the ghosts become real. The question is before or after we get the rest of our healers back.

6/11 Carissa

Crossed out lost skiffs. Added rowboat (one or two people?).