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Along Farmers Turn shortly after leaving the Quellcon Estates the hamlet of Maki has for many decades been haunted by strange phenomenon. The name of the hamlet changed to Hourglass over the years. Situated where the path leading up the hill to Skull Church leaves Farmers Turn the hamlet has always had a sense of tension. Beyond the imposing presence of Skull Church and its history there are multiple battle sites from both the Second Drillian Civil War and the Third Drillian Civil War within two miles. Coupled with the general conditions of the Craniate Wastes Hourglass has been left to be a place avoided unless necessary.

When Branwyn cleared out Skull Church to remove the threat of undead from Dragon Fen she appointed Snee Governor of the Northwest Craniate Wastes, protectorate of Dragon Fen with Talwin as her Steward. They chose to make the center of the settlement at the hamlet of Hourglass.

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