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Mist Garden

Mist Garden sits in the western portion of Dragon Fen in an area with unforgiving fog. It is unclear if the fog is due to a nearby lake, an inherent low pressure zone, consistent winds pushing the clouds downward, or something magical on top of the normal presence of The Mist. Some whispered rumors say the remains of a cloud giant were found by someone tilling a field, but no one has been able to verify these claims. Whatever the cause of the fog, a few hardy souls have manage to build up productive farms in the area that is otherwise a nice slice of swampland with an abundance of flowers to be found on the various trees, fields, and vines.

Buildings associated with Mist Garden

  • group of 10 farm houses/barns
    • Each house is a medium wooden single story building, wood floor and roof (40 by 20) 800 square feet
    • Each barn is a large wooden two story building, wood floor and roof (60 by 30) 1,800 square feet open inside with no walls or second story flooring