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Travelers Way

In the northwest corner of the Dragon Fen estates in Drillian is the town of Travelers Way. Two and half miles to the west of Otterville the town consists of a group of 11 farm houses/barns, Traveler's Way and Shrine to Idun.

Buildings associated with Traveler's Way

  • Traveler Way
    • Grand wooden building 3 stories tall, wood floors and roof, 45 foot tall, (80 by 40) for each floor, (total of 9,600 square feet, cellar, 20x30x10, 6 tunnel sections
  • Shrine to Idun
    • Medium wooden building (40 by 20) wood floor and roof, (800 square feet, no interior walls)
  • Jewelry Shop and Residence
    • Large wooden building 960 by 30) with a wood floor and wood roof (1,800 square feet plus 10 wall sections for 100 feet of interior walls)
  • group of 11 farm houses/barns
    • Each house is a medium wooden single story building, wood floor and roof (40 by 20) 800 square feet
    • Each barn is a large wooden two story building, wood floor and roof (60 by 30) 1,800 square feet open inside with no walls or second story flooring

Building details

  • Traveler's Way Inn

"Hey there. What can I get you? Oh well you may want to settle in first. My name's Taee. You can sit right down in what we like to call the warm up room, put your stuff down and and grab a chair if there is an empty one. or you can go around the corner to your left and hope for a chair in the settled area, but don't expect too much quiet. Between the stairs to the second level.

Interesting People