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The small port town of Northam owes its existence to the town leaders ability to earn a profit from both sides of a coin. The town boasts hardy folk who are not afraid to live north of the wall. They serve merchants who want to avoid paying the higher docking fees at Dryads Lair but still want to get their goods or other things into the Principality of Dryads Lair. They also cater to those who have shadier dealings with the inhabitants of the Blumm Wood and those that live north of the wall.

As the Narva River widens as it approaches Dryads Lair, one comes upon the village of Northam, where the houses are large and well maintained, the people are smartly dressed in colourful clothes, and the bustle of activity fills the place. A century ago, Northam Oak built a large home at the mouth of the river as a place to retire. Over the years, the family’s holdings expanded and the community’s original name, “Northam Oak’s Rest” was shortened to Northam. As the road through Northam became more travelled, businesses opened, including an inn in the Oak’s first home. A smithy and a small church followed; Northam became a popular traveller’s way station.


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Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations however are of interest to outsiders:

  1. Amber Thorne’s Home: Here dwells the wizard and one‐time adventurer Amber Thorne.
  2. Burgomaster’s Home: The home of Northam's burgomaster Chanders Westlake.
  3. The Prince & Pauper: This expensive, but well run, inn reduces its prices for locals and regulars, barkeep is Theris Tenhammer
  4. General Store: Sells everything needed in a rural community; stocks only a few simple weapon and suits of light armour.
  5. Laika’s Home: Here, Laika Frost rears and trains the animals which have made Northam famous.
  6. Graveyard: This seldom visited graveyard holds Roake’s dead.
  7. Mill: The mill at Northam grinds flour for several nearby farmsteads. The miller, Addorn Elm, is wealthy as a result.
  8. Nala’s Home: Nala dwells here with her aged grandparents.
  9. Smithy: The blacksmith Dorn Smith can repair most items, but does not have the time or inclination to craft armour or weapons.
  10. Hall of Hearth & Home: The priest Uncle Surnak Appleby officiates at this small, simple temple.