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Darian Lambert

Darian Lambert's name came from a show about a cop who traveled through time to catch bad guys.

The concept of this character was that he was a want to be Paladin. Because I did not have the stats, I made him a lawful good fighter cleric, and thus had to make him a half-elf.

At the time, it was the start of some new rules. One being the speed of weapons effected the how quickly a character attacked. Part if the story BOB created was that Darian was trained to fight Goblins so I chose to use two short short swords. It was one possibly one of the first priests to use swords, another new rule. In the long hall, Darian also had to create new spells to reflect the role playing changes. Basically the existing spells did not reflect the changes in the priests, or at least some of them.

I had a lot of fun with this character and he was one of the longest living characters I played.

I am not sure how many times he died or how he finally dies, but one vivid and critical memory was when the group met another character group. BOB made up the party to be our equals, or more so. Rob was very uncharacteristically cocky and a fight ensued. Bob had one character similar to Darian, using two weapons. They also used a spell we had used a bit, Stoneskins. It was only by the slimiest luck and and power of the semi-god Fritz that any DragonSlayers survived. It was a defining moment and the start of a new arch-enemy for the Dragonslayers. I am pretty sure Darian died. I just do not remember if he came back after that. That was the Island Kingdom Adventures story arc and the fight on Westemnet - BOB