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Death of a Character

When a character dies their spirit normally travels to the Outer Plane that is appropriate to receive their reward or punishment as their religion accepts. When this happens to a Player Character or someone close to them the Player often is concerned with the possibility of their character coming back from the dead and returning to play. Throughout the Campaign World the death of a character or person is handled in different ways.

There are four normal ways that a dead character could return to life.

  • Raise Dead
  • Reincarnate - Priest
  • Reincarnate - Mage
  • Resurrection

Raise Dead is the lowest level spell that can bring a character back to life. Almost all cultures throughout the world will accept this as a viable means of returning to life if it is available to the character. One notable exception to this is the Suomi faith because of their tradition of Death Masks.

Reincarnate is the preferred method of returning to life practiced by most of the world. In the Oriental Lands Raise Dead is performed on great heroes and Reincarnate as practiced by the Mages of those lands is the other method accepted. Throughout the Celtic World and the rest of the Central Area while Raise Dead is available the preferred means of a character returning to the world of the living is through Reincarnate. It is almost always performed by a Priest rather than a Mage because of the distrust of Mages in those lands; except for where Semphar holds sway. In areas of the old Manetho Empire both Raise Dead and Resurrection are preferred over Reincarnate.

In the Western World all four methods are available depending on the religion of the character. Those of a Celtic faith will not perform a Resurrection on someone but followers of the Greek, Kayugan and Keldorian faiths do. The people who follow the Viking way prefer not to come back from the dead while those of the Shardik faith have no healers at all who would perform such rites.

Races other than human for the most part do not believe in returning from the lands of the dead although of course there are exceptions.