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Deep Dark Dangerous

Trade Wars Era

13-11-1259 TGR - 16-2-1260 TGR

This story took place after the Magic of Music adventure. The group had tracked down Octavia and found the location of the person who she was working with. He was seeking refuge in the Underdark in "a wretched hive of villainy and scum", and there was a close entrance to that area of the Underdark under the Mountains of Copper along the northern border of Hallstatt.

Overland Map of the area.

The group prepared for a long journey and arrived in Morten to seek help with the trip underground to Khazefryn. They negotiated with the leaders of the dwarven clan and found that they were holding a Drow prisoner from there. The dwarven elders decided to send a group of dwarven adventurers along with the Dragonslayers. They would help escort Xulltyrr to Khazefryn and then the Dragonslayers could exchange the prisoner for information when they arrive.

The group decided to take the deep dangerous road that should cover the distance in only 6 days rather than the safer road that would take a score of days. The group set off and successfully passed the Sauna Bridge, and then managed to survive an attack by a purple worm. On the way to The Stair Case there was a detour around an extremely huge ooze. Finding the Stair Case in ruins the group rebuilt it and pressed on. They made it through several twists and turns but were swarmed over by hundreds of centipedes just as they heard drums starting in the distance. Tori, Chohen and the drow prisoner collapsed under the swarm as the group readied for ambush. After dealing with the goblin swarm that was pushed by a beholder the group continued along to find a large cavern with an enormous spread of green slime. There was a scree slope that led down and over the slime, but Valgar failed to negotiate it safely and perished.

The group moved on afterward and had encounters with a swarm of bats and a Derro shrine that was under construction. After exploring the shrine area and activating a couple of traps the group continued along the path that Naola set. When the group reached the Single Bridge Tori succumbed to a surprise attack by a doppelganger that was lurking near the bridge. After avenging her loss, the adventurers traveled quickly to try and avoid detection and made it to the shores of Starless Lake without further incident. Crossing the lake proved to be periless as expected with two of the dwarven guides drowning in the lake.

The group arrived at the gates of Khazefryn and it was decided that Naola would defer to Lady Kylia as the lead negotiator. Kylia talked with the apparent leader of the place, a drow names Lydia. The group confirmed the existance of the 'dark skinned man' and found his name to be Meleager. The dwarven prisoners were exchanged along with a half elf ranger for Xulltyrr, and Lydia gave the Dragonslayers a quick quest to bring back a magical sword to her in exchange for being allowed to talk and spend some time with Meleager. After getting this quest the group left Khazefryn.

Kylia decided to save time by using her Plane Shift spell to jump to the Plane of Concordant Opposition so she could then use the Dimensional Pool to quickly get back to Roadhaven. The group then went off on the adventure to bring the sword back in To Bite the Moon.

After returning from that journey the group gathered in Gon, added in a couple of new members and then left for Morten.

2nd Journey

The group took on two guides from Morten they hired from the Seekers Guild by the names of Swiftvein and Redroot. The trip was to go along the longer but safer route rather than the Deep Dark Dangerous one the character's followed on their first journey. After returning without the sword they talked to Meleager the Lion and found he would not give them any information until the group proved their worth. The embarked on the quest in Khamsa's Folly to prove they were capable of dealing with the people Meleager was working for.

3rd Journey

This time the group could not find any guides from Morten that would help them so they relied upon using a Djin to help them track their way along their previous footsteps. They recruited a gnome they found along the way to also assist them. When Anterias was captured and stolen away the only way the group found the way back to the surface was through the assistance of their guide. They reached Khazefryn for the third time and had a conversation with Meleager and got as much information as they could from him.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a short journey into the Underdark for the characters where they had to balance negotiation with force. I was pleased when the group started to loose track of time underground and not be sure what day it was. The danger level slowly ratcheted up and I do think that there was a distinct flavor and feel of difference to this adventure.

There has to be an out of character discussion for this kind of adventure: Out of Character And just for fun, one for in character discussion. John The list of characters involved in this adventure is here

Moraina's travel log

Character Quotes

Chohen - tucks a flower into the drow's clothing
Moirra - looks at Chohen quizzically.
Chohen - looks back at Moirra, it is a gift for her
Kylia - You dolt :; pauses :: Really now?
Kylia - You're a suitor? You randomly produced a flower?
Chohen - blushes, not a suitor, just a friend
Kylia - Picked it here in the sunny weather?
Kylia - :: shakes head ::
Kylia - Moirra what do you think?
Moirra - stares hard at Chohen for a moment, then turns back to look toward Rave.
Moirra - I think men are idiots.
Moirra - Shall we go topple the giant idiot, my Lady?

[Rave Starfire (Fritz)] I can proceed...WITH A LIGHT...(and totally ruin my characters true talents) in order to speed up game play. But if I die I will come back as a Pixie Ghost and haunt Finglas for eternity!!!
[mikE] he can turn

Mike - I can't wait to get out of here and into hell

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