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Desperate Old Men

Blood Trail Era

From 11-3-342 SKR to 17-3-342 SKR

After the encounter at the Riverside Inn the group traveled to the Vilmar Estates to follow their most likely lead in saving the Queen Presumptive.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Ilero (TMO) Hy try not cause trouble much. Stranjjers offen not welcome, so get punish more. Hy practice quietness much."
[Customs Guard (Master)] puzzles that otu then nods, Yeah sure, stay quiet and no one will notice you
[Customs Guard (Master)] that is one way of making it through the day
Ilero (TMO) slips a gold coin onto the table. "Pliss, so Hy not put tongue under foot, any rule or custom Hy need know bout, so not offend?"
Customs Guard (Master) eyes grow wide at the gleam of gold
[Customs Guard (Master)] quickly slips it off the table
[Ilero (TMO)] (I think 'tongue under foot' is my new favorite quote)

  • [Sarengar (Guy)] now now Heralds of famous otters don't treat others like that

Feed Back & Recollections

This story forced the group to decide how to infiltrate a citadel to search for they quarry. I had the entire citadel mapped out with a wide variety of inhabitants for them to explore. I wanted Act II to be a substantial portion of the Era and give the players a chance to work on their own plans and set things in motion.

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