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Diary of Freki Imsigul

This is a reprint of the hand written diary my character kept as he started off in BOBs world. When I finish typing it all in, I will go back and put notes and links in so it will all make sense. Notes

{start of the Beer Run Era}


Wouldnt you know it. The day Im to begin this miserable journey carting the family beer is too miserable to leave. I guess I can wait another day.


My father let me use his banded mail, that will be a weight off my shoulders. Ha!

1/1/33 New Year

So far the year looks real wet. Wingstone? looks quiet. Looks like a lot of character. Met my chief of security. Im not sure whos more bored with our job at hand. Met a Halfling, suppose she put some spark into the journey. Met an elf named Verm. Shifty eyed but I like the way he holds himself. A dwarf and a human mage joined us. They really complete the picture perfect circus. I must be cursed blessed. I try to prove myself in combat and end up winning in something I wasnt even trying, a bow. Not only that, the gem I won was a beaut. I am going to send dad his share now to get him off my back.


Maybe dad was listening. He sent someone to get the money. I should have known he didnt trust me.


Couple of boring towns. One of the guards is showing promise, or maybe its just talk.


Never saw ants so big. We could have acted better as a team. I cant believe I was thinking Guard the beer.


Never ask a Druid for a favor. Yes they are helpful but only in their own way on their terms. I thought of who to have them let go. I believe Eric is too loud to be truly loyal and Vance is too quiet to stand up for himself. _______ is just selfish enough to work with, at least he knows what he wants. Remember to give the bartender the scroll after I get the beer delivered. No doubt its a quest.


Im so tired of all this travel already. I had a headache for a week after those flying Kobolds. I think I am going to kill something soon.


I guess wolves need food too. More to think about then keeping everyone in line.


Well now Ive seen it all. Not only do I have a couple of great bowmen and a scout, I also have a couple of murderers.

I knew Vern was good. Now I know hes on my side. Im not happy with putting me in the situation but he got us out of it ok.


Some people should not leave their home. That old man cost me a whole day for nothing.


That was a change of pace. It felt good to take charge. I know war isnt good but Thor should be proud. Well lose a couple of days but this town (Gon) will remember our name.


We came across a pit in the road a big pit almost 70 long. Tracks say they are humanoid heading north/south. Digging the ramps took more time then I would have liked.


Seem stupid but then it could have been bad. Maybe Ill come back and hunt them down.


Thead. I guess I should wait a day for the three traitors to change their mind.

Well I should have counted them before they left. Now I am short and another day behind. One of the guards Vance (Mike) died. Morham survived thanks to Vern & Tael but he still looks bad.


Pass by Northbank? Really feeling close to Tael & Bailn, hopefully they will stay with us awhile. A number of desolated homes here might be worthy investigating later, on the way (back) North.


Badgers or something passed by stir up trouble and we all lost sleep but nothing really happened.


Some fat dude claimed that we stole the beer from him. Good think Wolfspack is an honest city. A lot of red ink but it worked out ok. This would be a good place to stay on the way up while were looking for adventure.


Arrive in Prolg met OE. Kind of rude but then again he is king of his hill. Dangerous town. Everyone is walking around with weapons and armor. Eric and Ursla are not back yet, that worries me but Im not going to risk my life for those two.


Well the beer is gone (delivered) - along with the wagons, oxen & Wagoners. Now I am traveling light. The party can reorganize now. Eric and Ursla were returned. They were doing what they do best and got caught.

Now we have a leader. Its not me. Its going to be hard to listen to these people but hopefully Ill still have enough influence.

Even though I am not leading, everyone wants something. I have to buy Vern chain mail. They expect me to fund the party but at least Eric is going to make sure I get paid back.

Met a traveler,m Im not sure of his name but he must be a wise man, maybe a mage, it should be fun. We have to escort him to Prolg like Borlin.


Spent in Wolfspack getting things organized


Traveling to Gelager not too exciting


Nice place, especially if youre a magic user. Makes me a little nervous with so many questionable characters with us.


Its been a sad day. A Spider and a spider like humanoids and a gnome I think. The poison killed Eric and Tael and did the rest of us in almost as bad. It would have gone better if Verm hadnt been scared off. I feel real bad about Boris.

{Journal is taken over by Reginald Pagmalian}


The previous pages of this journal were written by one Freki Imsigul, who is now, sadly deceased. I knew him only a short time but he was a brave hardy soul worthy of a song. I will continue this journal in his honor.

Still in the goblin dungeon. Fought wargs and sturges, lost Freki, Gomez; bearalin, barely made it out alive.

3/2-3 Rest and regenerate

3/5 Back in. Got in trouble, arrow ambush and portcullis/ centipede trap.

3/6 Went back in. Ambush at entrance. Goblin door barricaded.

3/7 5/7 Trained whole party

5/7 found scroll announcing my inheritance

5/15 Lerwick. Went to Dukes. Talked to Magister

start of Pagmalia Era

5/16 Dinner with Magister. About to embark on keep quest. I feel we are sorely unprepared for this but I must avenge my dead uncle.

5/17 Got lost in the woods but found the secret entrance and took out the gorilla dude. Ready to go.

5/18 Died

5/20 Brought back from the great beyond

5/20/24 Met Duke Made plans

5/25 Met McGregor

5/26 6/5 Prepared keep for second wave Snowstorm