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Digging Deeper

Phoenix Era

From 19-4-338 SKR to 21-4-338 SKR

This was the second story of a new Dragonslayer Era and took place after the Born in Fire story arc. After being hired as a mercenary unit to work for Arahael Mosskin on the Jistille Estates the characters went on a short quest for Valoris Onod Ancien the Treant who was shepherd of the Valoris Wood. He had them deal with an infestation of goblins that had cropped up in his forest under a farmhouse that had been subsumed into the wood.

After an initial foray into the goblins warren they decided to regroup with Ancien before going back down. After a pitched battle the group defeated the goblins and their allies. Branwyn took one of the goblin's former slaves on as a henchmen after rescuing him. After this adventure the group moved on to Green Acres and helping Arahael with the local farms.

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This was a good story arc for the group to explore their characters more and work together as a team. I used this chance to introduce a new type of NPC in the form of Ancien the Treant and a new cultural background for the players to interact with.

This is possibly the first time in DS history that Mike has actually been nice to an NPC. I'm floored... ~Kaz

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