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Dimensional Pool

A dimensional pool can appear as a small pond, an ornate reflecting pool, or anything in between. The pool's form is decided by the wizard who creates it. These pools can be used to travel from one dimension to another. The pool reflects some far-off scene in a shimmering image on its surface, and any creature submerging itself in the pool finds itself transported to that scene (immersion must be complete for the magic to work).

To control the destination of the pool requires a magical talisman that the wizard enchants at the same time that the pool is created. The pool talisman is made of nixie, merman, and nuckalavee hairs magically encased in a large diamond. The process ruins the diamond's value as a precious stone but creates a powerful tool for traveling the dimensions.

To change the pool's destination, the bearer of the pool talisman simply stares at the water and concentrates, and the pool's image shifts to the place or dimension the user has in mind. The pool remains fixed on that location, and may transport anyone submerged in its waters, until the pool talisman holder changes the destination again.

Unless an individual holds the talisman, however, the journey is one-way; the talisman-bearer may return to the pool (with up to six comrades) by simply concentrating upon it while immersed in a normal body of water.