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Diplomatic Entanglements

From 26-12-343 SKR to 28-5-1267 TGR {28-5-345 SKR}

This Era started with surprising news. The Queen of Drillian chose Branwyn to be the new Ambassador for Drillian to Terraguard. The characters all packed up their belongings and set off for Dryads Lair to take over the new post. Then at the end of this Era the group packed up all their belongings and set sail for home.

Story Arcs


  • Meeting Rooms Available1, 2, 3, 4
  • Matchmakers1, 2, 3, 4
  • Haunted House1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Personal Story Threads





To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered in Dryads Lair and beyond:

Phillipe Gaston EnquireAdmiral Zondile???Master Korpin/Koplin
Atribella Olivin   
Joseph Shortkin  
Tiberius Branadarus   

Feed Back & Recollections

I was very happy to surprise all the players. It was fun to hear them all talking excitedly about the new possibilities while some were like "this is insane!". Everyone starting throwing out ideas and contributing right away before we could even begin the first story arc.

I also started to use extensively some of the other wiki functions to help organize the many tangled threads in this Era. With letters going back and forth from Drillian and inside of the City and so many different meetings it was good to have a way to give everyone a place to find 'just who said what when'.

We have a wider variety of parts to this Era than in previous ones.

Story Arcs are more expansive stories that take place over many sessions.
Excursions are stories that self contained to take place outside of the city.
Threads are stories that continue to take place in the background of other Story Arcs and Excursions.
Personal Threads are places for players to expand on their interactions with all of these types of stories.

Character Quotes

Mike: "The less you are trapped on a boat with an alligator the better."

Branwyn: I have no plans for my diplomatic efforts to inspire murder.

Branwyn: We could have a seance and see if any of our ghosts saw anything.