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Dukedom of Domvile

Domvile is a territory in Southwest Terraguard. The original title of Duke was granted in 750 TGR by the King of Terraguard.

Framed by the Cordrawn Hills and the Blumm Wood on the west and straddling the Narva River there are large natural resources that are available but are not easily attainable. The ducal seat is at Corvash on the western bank of the Narva near the center of the hundred mile stretch of river that Domvile controls. The town of Billon is south of Corvash on the eastern shore of the Narva build out into the river on stilts with a variety of platforms for fishing boats to bring in their catch. Marking the northern border along the river is the town of Berem.

The dukedom has survived through several calamitous events. In the late 780's Greek armies swept through on their way to Dryads Lair and their attempt to eradicate the new religion. Duke Songrit Domvile was an enthusiastic proponent of this attempt with the thought that his family would benefit from taking land that would now be undefended. This attack was successful in destroying the center of the Kayugan faith and in driving out many of the noble families that lived in the city of Dryads Lair. However Duke Songrit died in the siege of the city along with his senior daughter and heir. His three remaining daughters then fought with each other for who would take the vacated title. The middle daughter Winely was the eventual Duchess after almost a year of struggles.

In a surprise to most of her subjects in 820 TGR Duchess Winely Domvile converted to the Kayugan faith. She converted her entire family and sent both of her sons into the church to become priests. Her younger son Ignil the Valiant was a follower of Cahus and was a leading proponent leading the first crusade against the Greeks in 825 TGR. With his mother's blessing he scoured Domvile for any followers of the Greek faith and put them to the torch.

For the next thirty years Duchess Winely Domvile worked at establishing the purest place for the Kayugan faith that could be found. Her son Duke Cimlawn Domvile took up her torch. Duke Cimlawn worked at converting every village and hamlet to the Kayugan faith. While doing this he publicly lobbied the King of Terraguard for Domvile to be turned into a Principality to secure the western borders of the Kingdom.

With this support in 869 TGR King Farthorn I decided to have Terraguard cross the Narva River to attempt to breach the Wildlands with Duke Cimlawn defending the southern wing of the attackers. Even when the the main Terraguardian forces were forced to retreat after guerilla forces repelled them Domvile forces stayed steady and kept their own borders secure.

As an old man with many years of proselytizing behind him Duke Cimlawn was kept active by his belief that the King of Terraguard was coming to believe that there should be a third Principality. Duke Cimlawn was certain that his hard work was going to pay off and he planned for his granddaughter Laurel Domvile to marry the nephew of the King to cement the association.

The story says that when Duke Cimlawn received his letter form the King the first words from his mouth were "Why Melody she is not " and then he fell hitting his head on a table and dying shortly thereafter. As the rest of the Kingdom soon learned the official proclamation was to establish a western boundary for the Kingdom and to reward the Crown Princess Melody. Not at Domvile but at Dryads Lair.

Dukes of Domvile

750 TGR Brinthal Domvile's coronation as first Duke of Domvile
767 TGR Songrit Domvile's coronation as the second Duke of Domvile
818 TGR Winely Domvile's coronation as the third Duchess of Domvile
850 TGR Cimlawn Domvile's coronation as the fourth Duke of Domvile
900 TGR Hoarace Domvile's coronation as the fifth Duke of Domvile
920 TGR Laurel Domvile's coronation as the sixth Duchess of Domvile
922 TGR Brain Domvile's coronation as the seventh Duke of Domvile
->922-940 Regency of Goplik Worlop
955 TGR Koln Domvile's coronation as the eighth Duke of Domvile
997 TGR Plint Domvile's coronation as the ninth Duke of Domvile
1125 TGR Healia Domvile's coronation as the tenth Duchess of Domvile
1126 TGR Wheen Noplin's coronation as the eleventh Duchess of Domvile
1126 TGR Dwellolyn Domvile's coronation as the twelfth Duchess of Domvile
1199 TGR Sharlon Domvile's coronation as the thirteenth Duke of Domvile
1200 TGR Myrath Domvile's coronation as the fourteenth Duke of Domvile
1204 TGR Hornal Domvile's coronation as the fifteenth Duchess of Domvile
1212 TGR Bolt Domvile's coronation as the sixteenth Duke of Domvile
1236 TGR Asher Domvile's coronation as the seventeenth Duke of Domvile

1244 TGR current duke's coronation as eighteenth Duke of Domvile