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Dragonslayer Eras

These are some of the sections of Dragonslayer history divided by the major adventure that was going on at the time. These are just the highlights to mention various adventures and themes the group has dealt with. Adventures has a list of every story arc in alphabetical order.

One point to note, the players started calling themselves the 'Band of the Nine Fingers' along the time of the adventures in Pagmalia although we eventually formalized the name to Dragonslayers a short time after.

Beer Run - the start of it all

Memorial Dungeon - the first major dungeon crawl

Pagmalia - the claiming, building, and festivals, Arch Bishop of Hades become a rival

Island Kingdom adventures - Visiting with the various island nations, Ozymandius becomes a rival

Harwood episode - problems with beholders, and the law, repercussions last much longer than expected

Brandorn building contract - a chance to travel and meet long lost relatives. Several adventures along the road back.

Thedd Era - starts as an abandoned manor, becomes Westgate, falls into disrepair

[The Road to Thedd] - clearing the trade route
[Tower Adventures] - these adventures started with the discovery of the towers, reoccurring several times of the next several years afterward
[Adventures in the basement] - the second major dungeon crawl - Lich becomes a rival
[Living in Thedd] - meeting the neighbors, dealing with the Enchantress, the Black Dragon, doppelgangers, and lizard men, start rivalry with the Green Mistress

The Year as King’s Adventurers - this time was spent working for the King of Gallimurfee while living in Thedd

The Wandering Years - After killing the Green Mistress the group wandered doing some varying adventures ranging from the Wolfspack area to the Oriental Lands and adventures in the endless waste. Part of the climax of that adventure was the awarding of a keep to Kylia.

Kylia’s Keep - setting up shop, exploring the valley, the Spider Lady’s lair - the third major dungeon crawl, Greelox becomes a rival, creating Roadhaven.

Stronghold Building - Paul & Kylia establish themselves as political leaders, effort to re-establish old ties to Pagmalia & the Memorial Dungeon. Tenth Anniversary Game in the Island Kingdoms takes place during this time.

In Search of Adventure - after setting up the keep several adventures were done outside of that area. The group visits old haunts and new group members adventure without Paul & Kylia's presence for the first time in many years. New explorations include the floating crystal castle, jaunts to Kapirimtiya and other planes. This is when the game starts to be online with both Table and Internet players.

Local Adventures - the group did several adventures in and around Kylia's lands and Paul deals with issues that come up his territory. This culminates in an attempt to take on the Spyder Fiends imprisoned in the Spider Lady dungeon. This leads to a break and a reassessment of the characters. New adventures included the Celtic Burial Mounds found East of Roadhaven and the Chaos Dungeon. Then Finglas establishes his territory in Greenborough.

Mist Wars – the group chooses to visit Drillian and explore the Mist Wars.

Rebuilding Adventures Following the Mist Wars the group did more local adventures and some in distant areas including the Whelk Tower and Ethereal Haunted Ruins the group managed to cover many adventures, with another visit to the Chaos Dungeon.

Mindflayer Invasion – a trip to the Highlands where mindflayers were trying to bring perpetual winter to the world

Team Building - Adventures in the areas surrounding Roadhaven and Greenborough that included What do you call an Undead Elf, Taxes are Evil and My Shoes!!! among others.

Trade Wars - This was a long convoluted era for the Dragonslayers as they tried to track down someone who was raiding caravans and blaming the Dragonslayers for the crimes in several lands. The group had many smaller adventures while tracking down the perpetrators.

Phoenix Era - The players chose to restart the campaign with first level characters and this is where the new group of characters first started to interact and learn about each other. We took this opportunity to introduce new players and some older players returned as well. There were three story arcs as the players learned about this new area of the world and felt their way into the new characters.

Stretching Their Legs - The Dragonslayers now had grown from a Fledgling platoon and into a detached unit of their own. These adventures were during the time the group was finding their own way in the world. Some of the stories they took part in included Norjak and the introduction of BOB's Birthday Game.

Blood Trail - The group was now involved in the local politics with Branwyn the Court Mage at the Jistille Estates. This Era was done in four acts in a short amount of game time with the characters having to solve a kidnapping.

Alia Valebat - After the group completed the Blood Trail Era the characters each had a small Story Arc created for them to highlight something that the Player would like to see happen. It started with She Said Yes! and continued through Long Live the King among other stories.

Diplomatic Entanglements - When returning home from several adventures the group was surprised by a new assignment by the Queen. Branwyn was assigned to be the Ambassador for Drillian to Terraguard and sent to Dryads Lair for her posting. This was the biggest change in the campaign after the Phoenix Era with an entirely new area of the campaign world to operate in and a very different set of problems to face the characters.

A River Runs Through It - The group succeeded for a year as the Ambassador for Drillian. So they went visiting the home of new friends and making their own way home was the core of this Era. This was the 100th Story Arc of the campaign.

For the Love of Mist - Everyone made it home to to Drillian and was looking forward to peace and quiet. That is not how this Era began however with Wedding Crashers first up on their plates. It was during this Story Arc that the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Game took place. We reached the heart of the Era when Building Dragon Fen began.