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Training - Leveling - Party Pack

Dragonslayer Training Plans

Currently Training::

IleroThiefThief 1128 05 1267 TGR8wIlero
MarisuWPNWP-Rhetoric  need trainer
MarisuThiefBard 6 8wIlero

This list will be the characters that get exported over to Tabletop Connect

This list is to help everyone organize what training their character needs and assess potential costs.

The costs for training will be shared among the group, with money coming out of the party pack if needed to pay for things.

*training in what?

Branwyn - Level 11

  • next spells, wp and nwp at 12th level - will be a miracle

Indigo - Level 8

  • next wp and nwp at 9th level - also another miracle

Howard Plum - Level 3

  • Gets a new nwp

Apprentice Johan -

  • Learns 2nd lvl spells and gets new nwp

Ilero - Level 11

  • (next WP/NWP @ 12)
    • Make sure Varsta Huitoa is fully charged.
    • Start work on founding Scout Guild. See who his initial recruits are and use them and their skills to help set it up.
    • Needs 11th level thief skills
  • Get one of his stirges turned into a hand puppet

Shurkural - Level 6

  • (next WP/NWP @ 9)
    • Keep an eye out for a possible way to further enchant her sword to make it even more effective.

Marisu Doeskin - Level 6 (1 WP/ 0 NWP available)

  • (next WP/NWP @ 9)
    • Learn some of the spells listed on her character page.
    • MAGIC: Needs to learn how to cast 2nd level spells.
    • WP: Either Single Weapon Style (-1AC) or NWP:Rhetoric
    • THIEF: Learn 6th level thief skills
  • Spells to try to learn:
    • Mount (1)
    • Ray of Fatigue (1)
    • Bind (2)
    • What is "Sky Hook" (2)?
      • With this spell, the wizard creates a solid hook of force invisible to all but the caster, at a desired location. The hook need not be attached to anything, and is usually created in midair over a pit or chasm. Once cast, it remains immobile. Creatures can hang on to it, ropes can be tied to or hooked over it, and so on. It supports up to 30 tons of weight.
    • What is "Gate Ward" (2)?
      • Temporarily shuts down any one gate between the cubes of Acheron (wherever that is). Spell is reversible.
    • Bob - does the Mages Guild have any other books or scrolls available Marisu can browse for spells to learn? Probably not, but worth asking.

Hugh D'Ambray - Level 6

  • WP - Long Sword
  • 2 NWP, one swimming?

Neith of Inholt - Level 5

  • Needs 2nd level spell training

Shi'Nynze - Level 8

  • Check to see if any slots gained at Level 8 level up.
  • Unused NWP gained at 6 (artistic ability, cantrip, or something else?)
    • Next WP gained at 8; two slots now available.
    • Gained access to 4th level spell slots (needs training to use)
    • New worshipper of Solonor Thelandira powers? Were others included?
  • Finished training wolves using 8/10 slots available:
    • Resist instinct, Basic Trick, Basic Stay, Alarm, Track, Silence, Water skills
    • Animal handling proficiency (3/4) to any future training

Kel -

  • Level 8 - Thief
(30 points available for Level 7)
(30 points available for Level 8)
  • Level 7 - Fighter
(1 WP and 1 NWP available - Swimming and Punching)

Mara the Blessed

  • Level 4 - Priest
(1 WP available, no ideas yet)

Snezana - Level 7

Kenna Westfoot - Level 6

  • Medicinal Cooking

Non-Active PC's

Hoffman - Level 7

  • 1 open NWP
  • 1 open weapon training AFTER mastery

Brother Fotopoulos - Level 5 (6)

  • He will be visiting the gnomes for a bit

QuiFon Ruminell - Level 5

  • Owes 2 favors to church and one to Regor the Mad
  • 3 levels thief skills, Wants similar deal as air ship aprentishio
  • scheduled to learn air ship engineering via 1 year aprentiship started about 25-12-343 SKR or 357 work or 1265 tgr - DONE

Miranda Paige - Level 6 Mage

First priority is training party. With her wisdom, it will only take one week to train someone in swimming, animal training (dog) or a spell level she knows. She can train up to three dogs at a time but not sure about humans and elves

  • Has Animal Training - wants to train her dog to guard, attack
  • 1 weapon slots - will be used as NWP
  • 4 Non Weapon slots - Save for signature spells

Androp Ilkep - Level 6

  • staff mastery

Viridis Dundragon? - Level 5

Imari - Level 6 {last with group on 17-8-339 SKR}

Kristelle? - Level 6

  • 1 non-weapon proficiency trained in XXX' - not in Klooge

{last with group on 6-5-339 SKR}

Sarengar Swiftbreeze? - Level 7

  • 1 Non-weapon proficiency

Esmerelda Poppinflash - Level 7

Abu Dhabi - Level 6/6

Barnabas Stone? - Level 7

Jharym - Level 6

Sylviis? - Level 3

Jondar - Level 6

Ellenara Psyndarryn - Level 3

Seremella Psyndarryn - Level 6 {< 1,000 to next level}

Tristan Elaire - Level 6

  • Begin transforming the Skull Church into a place worthy of Cahus and their followers.
*Initial plans include coordinating with Ilero on the relics and entombed saints of the Soumi faith in the crypts below.
*Pending response from the main church regarding funding and additional labor support, he will start drafting engineering plans to seal off the tunnel entrances that give the landscape the skull like appearance, as well and start removing the idols and symbols of the old gods who were formerly honored in the Skull Church.
*Long term plan is to create a religious stronghold to defend the faith in case any crusades are called against his church
  • Once he reaches level 7 he will also want to gain access to 4th level spells.

Leatherus - Level 3 (4) {< 1,000 to next level (5th)}

  • Gain mastery of two handed swords (holding 1 WP slot for this)
  • Work his own forge (Tristan has plans to have a forge set up at the church at some point to help warrior's maintain their gear. Leatherus will be in charge of set up and managing the forge)

Non-Active NPC's

Koorin Billywoggle? - Level 5/5

  • 1 non-weapon proficiency
  • 1 weapon proficiency

Training Priorities

XP values are updated with the 10% bonus added include the 10% bonus through the A River Runs Through It Era.

DM Notes

1 - There is always a need to have an open slot or two in the party for future skills or things that someone might find interesting. Learning a new language, learning to read and write, or how to ride a giant eagle could all potentially be useful in the future. Also some skills take more than one slot so waiting might need to happen sometimes.

2 - Training can happen in a roleplaying way during and outside of adventures. Waiting to train in falconry until being stuck at home during the winter months, or training a fellow party member while the group is out adventuring are only a couple of possibilities.

3 - Cost is high for adventurers for two reasons. One is that you earn a lot more slots than the typical NPC does because of the rapid rise in level. The other is that adventurers want to get things done NOW and not suffer through apprenticeships, etc. A blacksmith might take on a young farm boy, teach him the trade and in the end that farm boy is now a master craftsman. Of course rather than paying 700 GP for 7 weeks of training (the average cost and time) the farm boy puts in a year or more of learning the skill and another three or four years of apprenticeship to finish paying off the cost of the training.

4 - Cultivating good relationships with NPCs is always helpful in doing favors for future favors or training. Original players will tell stories of how they hated to have to do favors for the druids in Wolfspack or for the Archbishop of Hades just to survive. But help can come from some unexpected sources and if you do not have a slot open (see above) you might miss out on the chance to learn how to make potions from a Treant.