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Drillian - Political & Society

Drillian is unusual in its form of monarchy - Matriarchal Male Primogeniture. It is officially called the Kingdom of Drillian with the inheritance running the the male son. However the Queen is the ruler of the Kingdom and only a Queen can rule. This creates the dynamic that a Queen looks for the best woman for her son to marry and each noble house vying for the next chance to rule the Kingdom. Once in the past a Queen married her son to her own daughter but the other nobles rose up in arms over this scandal. The Queen's husband is called the Royal Consort and is officially barred from holding any office or serving in way outside of the royal family.

Many of the towns and hamlets follow a similar pattern of having a strong female noble presence.

In the past Drillian had a tradition of Kings from the founding of the Kingdom by William (later known as the first), his son William II and a string of successful Kings expanded the land to the south and through the swamps. King Charles I expanded the Kingdom to its current boundaries in the east, south and west with expeditions against the Cold Blooded Races that inhabited the northern reaches of Great Swamp. During this time his grandson Chandler Cowles explored the Green River to ascertain why no one had previously been able to hold the territory. During this trip King Charles' son Samuel rose up in rebellion and the kingdom was split in two during a civil war that lasted 5 years. In the end Chandler Cowles returned from his journey and defeated the rebel forces. He moved his family Estates to the southeastern portion of the Kingdom to establish a power base there. This assembly of rulers is often called the twelve kings of Drillian, excluding William IV from the list.

The military in Drillian is made up of four parts. There is a small standard army, there is a small army of two units of all females and there are several mercenary units that are kept on retainer. There is also a Paladin Order dedicated to the destruction of the Vampire Lords of The Mist.

The Order of Brotherhood stands to fight the Vampire Lords and to protect the Royal Family of Drillian from them. They were founded on 1-5-275 SKR at the Uklo Estates by Queen Margata Uklo. The Brothers each are sworn to another brother and pledge to protect each other and to not let his or her brother to fall and become an undead - death by a Brother's hand is preferred. Their blazon is a long sword held vertical on a gray field clasped by two hands each entering from opposite lower corners to demonstrate the bonds of brother hood and dependence on each other, the grey stands for The Mist where most of the battles the Brotherhood engages in as they hunt the Vampire Lords

The primary reason for Matriarchal Male Primogeniture is the reign of King William IV from -98 SKR until his execution in -88 SKR. He took the throne and made a huge elaborate quest of finding a wife among the noble families. The next year he married. King William IV then found a year later that a young serving girl caught his eye. After asking for a divorce from the Kayugan church he was denied. Shortly after that his Queen suffered a hunting accident and died. He married the serving girl only to have her die in child birth of a girl. He married again quickly but soon found a fourth he was interested in. After being denied a divorce again he expelled the Kayugan church in -93 SKR and confiscated most of their lands and assets creating a huge uproar in the Drillian noble families. He brought in the Suomi church to sanctify his fourth marriage. This caused even further distress among the nobles who were displeased by the influence of the official church of Blackwater in their lands. When this wife failed to produce a male heir he divorced her and chose another. He went through in quick succession four more wives from local families this way. His ninth wife was a young gypsy woman who charmed the King and produced a male heir who unfortunately died shortly after birth. As the King started trying again to produce an heir he caught his wife with the captain of the guard and executed them both. King William IV then claimed he would be chaste for one year to cleanse his soul and entice all women to want to produce an heir for him. While this was met with derision in private several of the noble families took this chance to prepare their daughters in any way they saw possible to be the new Queen. On midsummer's day in -90 SKR he took his tenth wife and immediately bedded her to produce an heir. Less than a month later he caught her with another noble families son. He brought in a Priestess of Loviatar? and cursed the Queen. He tricked the Queen into donning an invisible chastity belt with a spring trap built in. The next time the young man came to pay a visit to the Queen his manhood was mangled beyond repair. The King then had his Queen spayed like a hound. The King took an eleventh wife from outside of Drillian's noble families who died in childbirth with a male baby. When King William IV took his twelfth wife from a noble family in Terraguard and executed her in a fit of rage the noble families of Drillian rose up in the second Drillian civil war and in only three months executed the King and installed a new system of inheritance for the Kingdom that would put women in power and a compromise of keeping the inheritance through the male line.

Noble Families

This is a partial list of the noble families in Drillian and their Estates

Family Name, TitleEstateReligious Tradition
BolpelSwamp HoldKayugan
BranadarusDragon Fen??
Cowles, BaronRoyal EstatesKayugan/Suomi
d'Ambrevilles, BaronNouvelle AveroigneKayugan
Doeskin, Earl-Kayugan
Dosyth, LobanLyon Estates 
Drake, River CountDrake EstatesSuomi
Drake, CountGhostwood DomainSuomi
Lydsund, Johann vanLyon Estates 
Lyon, Baron WirletLyon EstatesKayugan/Suomi
Mosskin, Earl-Kayugan
Mosskin, LordJistille EstatesKayugan/Suomi
Otmahn, OttoLyon Estates 
Kolptor, DukeQuelkin Estates, PonceSuomi/Kayugan
Tangreen, Earl-Suomi
Undar, DukePrimsen-
Uklo, Baron-Suomi/Kayugan
Vilmar , CountVilmar EstatesKayugan

Current Political Rumors

Royal Family Trees

Queen Willimina Mosskin and Sir Toybin of Castlyn

Edward (s)(born 27-11-343 SKR


Catherine Eustace<--->Aatos Uklo
Anastacia (f)Bran (m)Dioma (m)
 died 4-3-339 SKRdied 22-6-340 SKR


Mihaela Doeskin<--->Jouko Uklo
Lyyti (f)Onni(m)Aatos(m)Oskari(m)Vivi(f)Dane(m)
 diedConsort to
Catherine Eustace