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Dryads Lair - City Proper

The city of Dryads Lair coalesced around a small port town called Iglot, a Keep on the Hill a short distance away to the SW and a handful of buildings called Dryads Lair inland a few hundred yards to the NW. All three become part of the larger city that is called Dryads Lair by the inhabitants. The Kayugan faith was inspired nearby and the headquarters was established on a hill to the south of Iglot. When Dryads Lair was named as a Principality the cities importance grew even more.

The group spent time in the city during the Diplomatic Entanglements Era.

The city of Dryads Lair is divided up into 27 different districts.

Unexplored Districts

  • Northbrook
  • Downhill
  • Dryads Market
  • Halfshore
  • Drakeshill
  • Mead Hill
  • Millers Field
  • Kings Keep
  • Steadfast
  • Swiftwater
  • Madiens Sorrow
  • Old Iglot
  • Stonehall
  • Templeside
  • Hillback
  • Tidewater
  • Pilgrims Rest
  • Southgate
  • The Fault
  • Beacon Gate
  • Westgate
  • Crofters Gate
  • Kings Gate
  • Tanners Gate
  • List of Notable Locations

NPC parking area

  • Phillipe Gaston Enrique - Attache to the Ambassador of Drillian
  • Atribella Olivin - Aide to Phillipe Gaston Enrique
  • Joseph Shortkin - Aide to Phillipe Gaston Enrique
  • Admiral Zonidle - currently in charge of the Navy Yard ('cabin boy' with Sarengar on a tour)
  • Admiral Polintar - dead over a year (start of Setting Up Home) Sarengar served on his ship
  • Ambassador "Mistress" Waverlyn - previous Ambassador of Drillian to Branwyn, murdered 4 months ago (start of Setting Up Home)
  • Baron that owns the manor house Branwyn is renting as a residence from some minor place Duke Drovek from the Duchy of Drovek
  • Orlin - messenger from Dryads Lair for Master Korpin/Koplin to Ilero. Fell off his horse and died from a broken neck.
  • Master Korpin/Koplin - sent Orlin to Ilero to get items given to him by Regor. Tailor - the Kings Common
  • Barrister Thilt
  • Prince's great grandfather who used to own the manor house
  • Sir Shelpin - exiled knight of drillian
  • Midguard the Magnificent - member of the guild of mages of Dryads Lair
  • Illustrious Madam Zimm - member of the guild of mages of Dryads Lair, Guild Enforcer
  • Mr Silver, of the Silver family
  • bartender at the Overturned Tankard
  • Prince Loplin
  • Sam - son of Prince Loplin, represents the Prince to the City Council
  • Captain of the City Guard,
  • Mistress Erindale from the Temple of Air and Light
  • Drond, guard assigned to Ashgrove Manor
  • Rose, dockmaster for Diplomatic Quarter
  • Shell, dockmaster for Traders Quarter
  • Father Mortin, head of the church of Cahus (Temple of Cahus - Temple Hill)
  • Sinthorn, Inquisitor, accompanied Father Mortin to visit the ambassador
  • Visitors to Mistress Waverlyn
    • Friend Porto, 26 times;
    • Companion Hellinth, 22 times;
    • Uncle Donooldo, 18 times;
    • Bradt (messenger), 18 times;
    • Sister Shilpse, 12 times;
    • Patron Aslif, 12 times;
    • Patron Manwell, 12 times;
    • Companion Lorap, 12 times;
    • Priest Eglant, 12 times;
    • Priest Zont, 12 times;
    • Priest Oglint, 12 times;
    • Friend Thou, 11 times;
    • Brother Raplin, 10 times;
    • Islet (messenger), 10 times;
    • Brigthorn (messenger), 10 times;
    • Goplit (messenger), 9 times;
    • Driplet (messenger), 8 times;
    • Foegone (messenger), 8 times;
    • Wornt (messenger), 7 times;
    • Crasp (messenger), 6 times.
  • Ambassador of Domvile, Sir Nimdle
  • Crandal the Knowledgable
  • Lorilop, ambassador of Turndale
  • Ambassador Belinor of Turndile
  • Lord Brightbint, son of the Duke of Brighton
  • Prince Unthim of Hraltot
  • Sir Guildtar
  • Penelope, known to be at The Silver Frog - Traders Quarter
  • Lilac
  • Jorin the Cobbler, 43 - Traders Quarter
  • Mother Pingrant - Head of Church of Broodhoy
  • Ilporn - librarian in Royal Library in Palace
  • Mr. Snevile - the owner of the Twelve Leaves - Dryads Hill

Hey guys I've put together a list of people that are relevant in this current era.? Also I've been researching tasks we need to do (per Lisa and Bob's instructions) I'll upload tomorrow since we have no game. Also, I'm hoping Bob can create a seperate "Immediate People" page that are relevant or might become relevant to all recent or upcoming events. It can be changed by anyone who chooses to share what they know about particular characters and their goals/motivations. Please let's try to keep it clean though. Example:

Name and Title:

  • Occupation:
  • Brief Bio:
  • Disposition to Particular Party members:
  • Disposition to Other NPC Characters:
  • Notes:

In that format so we can quickly do a search and find what we need quickly so we aren't scrambling to find info during the middle of an actual game and wasting time. I know I see the irony in my words. Do as I say and not as I do or something like that.