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Duchy of Brandorn

The Dragonslayers visited this area during the Brandorn building contract era.

  • Jord
  • Tist
  • Darbonn
  • Nab
  • Robran

This Duchy lies to the South of Bozawa along the GTR-Central portion of the Great Trade Route. It encompasses a 35 mile radius around the town of Jord. The Duke's manor hour is here, at a spot on the Great Trade Route where an extremely large pillar of black rock rises out of the local plain, looking like a spear thrust into the ground by some god.

The town of Tist had a new Shrine built at the same time the Temple of Brandorn was being built.

Darbonn is located in a section of hills that has produced several iron veins and one copper vein.

Baylon Manor is in Nab, where the Shades of Darkness adventure (16-9-333 WPR - 18-9-333 WPR) involved the Dragonslayers. The Mayor of Nab during this time was Vorcan. The blacksmith in Nab was Gunthar who helped the Dragonslayers with some repairs. Baylon Manor is the home of Lord Baylon, the ext minister the first Duke of Brandorn. He helped educate Elana, who was the First Mistress during the Dragonslayer's time here.

In the forests east of Robran there is a Treant magic item. A large granite boulder with a spell carved upon it, it was placed here to help calm several therianthropes that lived in the area. If anyone reads the spell that is not inflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, they will have a sudden and magical growth of hair appear all over their body but they will not become infected.

The family of Brandorn has ruled this Duchy for two generations now. The order of succession is officially listed as The Duke of Brandorn, the Duchess of Brandorn, and the Mistress of Brandorn. This comes from the founding Duke who left everything to his wife first and then to his mistress. The court has an official Court Wizard by the name of Cordero who is famously known for his students' mysterious and fiery deaths.

The Temple of Brandorn is the seat of the High Priest of the South in the Greek religion. The organizational title is the See of Bozawa. The seat of the See was moved from Bozawa to Brandorn after the failure of a previous High Priest to recruit enough followers in his area. This was also to help counterbalance the Celtic Standing Stones at Astragal just south of this area.