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Information directly copied and pasted from The Complete Book of Dwarves has been posted to this page. Click here to find more information about role playing Dwarves.

The race of Dwarves has many preconceptions about them from the outside world. From a dwarven point of view these do not matter. What other races think of them is far less important to dwarves than it is to most other races. They point to the confusion over what a dwarf is an example of the 'other races' problems.

Most dwarves choose life underground. It is unusual for them to live in a surface settlement unless events force them up. Living underground for thousands of years has affected the world view of dwarves dramatically. They believe themselves to be the dominant race in the world, the primary force of civilization and culture. This attitude applies even where other races are actually predominant. Dwarves who live below ground don't care who controls the land above so long as they are left alone. The surface races may as well be on another plane of existence. Dwarves see little reason to communicate with other races unless an overpowering common cause exists. This is what makes the two communities of Scylding and Morten particularly strange.

This dwarfcentric view is deeply rooted in all dwarves, regardless of where they live, even when among other races. Dwarves in such places may grudgingly admit that humans or elves have achieved some level of civilization and political power, but these are inferior to their own achievements.

There are many different communities of dwarves scattered throughout the Campaign World, with most living in the Western World - or more appropriately under it.

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