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Elandar Silverleaf

Elandar was born in the city of Silverymoon, a very open town that encouraged people to express themselves. As a result, the city became a center of diversity, and it wasn't uncommon to see three or four different races when shopping in the marketplaces. Elandar was born to his father Andalar, a city guardsman, and his mother Seliana, a musician. His mother was always happy to teach Elandar all he knew, and learned how to sing from her as well as the basics of cooking. Even though several people who knew him told him he had enough talent to become as good a singer as his mom, or a good cook, Elandar s true passion was in following his father s footsteps. As a child, Elandar could often be found following his father around the city barracks, or watching as the guards practiced their martial prowess on the training grounds. When he was old enough, Elandar would often train when he could with his father, or other guards, even taking up light duties with his father when he was allowed.

After decades of training, Elandar grew confident in his abilities with the sword, and considered following his father into service, defending their home. He loved his city for its culture, and loved a young elven lass for her beauty. Lorana grew up a few blocks from Elandar, and her father too, was in the guard. Elandar grew up with Lorana, the two of them being only 12 years apart in age, and they became close friends over the years. Eventually the two fell in love, and decided to marry when they both reached adulthood.

Even with all of this, as Elandar neared his 110th birthday, he began to suffer from wanderlust. Despite the diversity of culture in his city, he wished to see the world. He longed to experience the great woods of far off lands, travel the mountains, and cross the planes on his own feet, see the grandeur of nature with his own eyes. And so, with a smile to his parents, and a kiss to his beloved, Elandar gathered his swords, and bid farewell to his home, promising to return. With eyes shining, and a spring in his step, Elandar departed his home in search of adventure.

He then joined up with the Dragonslayers, killed some stuff, got his heart ripped out of his chest by a demon, got brought back to life, then got crushed by a few tons of falling rocks some other demons left as a trap.