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Emerald Delosian

Emerald's Assigned Reading List

Emerald had no name when she was taken to a Loosend Greek temple as an orphan. The priests estimated she was a three-year-old and named her Emerald because of her bright green eyes. She hid under a table and wouldn’t come out for hours. Emerald didn’t speak for her first year at the temple but would growl and grunt. Any orphaned child brought to a Loosend Greek temple is given the last name Delosian in honor of the birthplace of Artemis. This is also a polite way to identify orphans from a Loosend Greek temple.

At the age of 8, Emerald was asked to lead the group in prayer to the goddess Artemis. During the prayer she immediately demonstrated the potential to alter herself into a bear, somehow channeling Artemis’ energy. The priests believed she would go on to be a transmuter mage and guided her education as such. At 16, all Delosians are sent away from the temple after their training, education, and guidance to fulfill whatever their divine purpose is. Emerald did not venture far and went to study at the Mage's Guild, formally named Laburum Lodge?, in Loosend's Arena District. She loves to read and is obsessed with magic. While magic comes naturally to her, she has a problem controlling her intensity of casting spells and determining which spells should be used in a real-life situation. Emerald has not traveled much. While she's been taught to be respectful and polite, she is naive and unsophisticated. At times, her temper gets the best of her and anger guides her actions.

Emerald's believes her divine purpose is to protect any helpless child that she encounters in her travels; we say ‘helpless’ because there are children who secretly have extreme, sometimes dangerous, powers. Her goals include:

  • studying at Countess Branwyn's Library in Dragon Fen...Emerald hopes that she can tame her casting.
  • finding her original clan...Emerald believes there will be more answers at the library in Dragon Fen.
  • killing Pytheria, a Red Dragon Daughter of Libellula Saturata, who caused a massive flood of a river, thereby, destroying an Artemis sanctuary and killing hundreds of innocent girls.

Emerald knows that she is not prepared to kill Pytheria on her own and must find her way in the world, hopefully enlisting a group of people who will help her kill Pytheria. The ultimate purpose of any Delosian is to see to it that Pytheria dies. Obviously, no Delosian has ever achieved this because Pytheria is still alive.

Emerald was captured by a necromancer while on her way to Dragon Fen. He held her at Skull Church for about 18 days when Branwyn and her group happened upon her on 09-01-349 SKR. She would later learn the group referred to him, sensically, as Black Cloak. Emerald had no clothes, shoes, and the only thing that remained was Beryl, her Traveling Spell Book.