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Eric {TMO} Thompson


TMO found our game through the Cartographers Guild website and quickly fit in with the group. He spent time learning the ropes through the end of the Stretching Their Legs Era and then became a full Dragonslayer at the start of the Blood Trail Era.

His son JTom joined to try out and learn how to play D&D in Nov 2016.

Player Comments

My play style, as I see it: I've role played long enough that I've hit most of the player stereotypes at least once. I've copied characters from movies; had characters that were special because they had some powerful magic item or were royalty; I've min-maxed; etc. And there's nothing wrong with any of these approaches. Everyone wants their character to stand out, to be unique. Right now I try to give my characters personality. Accents are a cheap and easy way for me to make the characters different sounding, but the key is to make what they say and think different, not just how they sound. If I strip the accents away would all my characters be the same? That's what I'm trying to avoid. So far,I think I've done a good job of it on this site. Not all of the character concepts I use were my idea, but they all serve to give them something individual. As my first character here, Ilero is probably the least of a stretch for me to portray. I've done accents that extreme before, even one character that only spoke in third person. The hardest part is probably to make a character that doesn't talk much still interesting. Shurkural and Marisu are both more of a challenge for me, for different reasons. First off, both are female. As a man, I tend to play male characters more often. Shurkural was originally an NPC of Bob's design. I doubt I would have ever made a flirtatious (to put it nicely) female character on my own. The G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) internet phenomenon is something I'm trying to not to stray into with her. Marisu is defined by her charisma, and is not something I'm used to. I tend to fall more in the normal charisma range in real life, so acting and behaving like someone so likable and popular and making it more than just "the dice say you have to like her" is my challenge there.

Thank you for welcoming me into your group and giving me back a gaming outlet.

We are now entering Phase II of my stay with the group. After 7.5 years, I am moving on to a new character. Yes, it will be sad to set Ilero up on the shelf, a memento to his own rich history with the group, but I've about run out of interesting material to use with him. There isn't much room for growth anymore. The Tieran Guild is a new facet of his responsibilities, as is his role as a father, but these are both things that would tend to *keep* him from adventuring, not provoke more of it, without resorting to the tried and true method of 'give the protagonist a happy ending, then burn it all to the ground to give them something to avenge' motif. And Ilero is already dark enough that something like that might actually turn him full evil, which I don't think is the direction Bob is wanting to take the campaign. ;)

And so we introduce: Brer Necholas, Paladin of the Brotherhood. At the time of this writing, not much is known about him, or his partner Sundown?. Brer Necholas has a richer backstory than Ilero to pull from, without, I think, over-burdening him with too much to keep track of. At this point in time, Sundown? is Bob's creation, I know little more than the other players about his personality. ;) I have a suspicion of where Bob is taking him, but we'll have to see how accurate I turn out to be. My challenge with the pair are to avoid the more obnoxious Paladin Personality Problems. This is my first time playing a paladin, so I'm feeling my way with it. Hopefully I've found the right path that will be enjoyable to all the players and enrich the campaign. (I'm obviously tired - I'm writing in fancy formal sentences...)



Brer Necholas


The website roleplaying we did this last week made me remember some of the old online rp I used to do, and since some of it is saved on the web, I thought I'd link it here, in case anyone wants to read it.

Things Mr Welch is no longer allowed to do in RPGs that are funny in our campaign:
360. I must remind the GM that my Blessed can Raise Dead before he runs another murder mystery again.
462. 1st Watch is not for accordion practice.
464. 2nd Watch is not for starting up pick up rugby games with wandering monsters.
466. 3rd Watch is not clothing optional.