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Main / Ernie


Ernie is an addled wizard who specializes in lighting and its effects on things. He started studying it's effects on humans when his previous apprentice ran away. Not to be deterred Ernie traveled the country side looking for a new one. In a poor potato farming community he found a youth who was willing and eager even to go with him. Ernie thought the youth was too spastic, dirty, and stupid for the maging business, but he was desperate. He took the young Malagorn on as his apprentice and began experimenting on him right away, lest the youth come to his senses and run away like the last one.

Ernie worked with Malagorn on his magical skills and either in spite of the experimentations or because of them Ernie became quite successful not only with his studies but as a teacher as well.

One day after a particularly interesting series of experimentation on his apprentice, Ernie woke up to find the young mage missing. Ernie wants to find Malagorn and see what has happened to him because of the lightning, but has decided in the mean time to find a new apprentice to work on in his tower.