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Everreach is not a true country as understood by most people. This is an area of wide open plains that stretch from the Rumbling River in the north all the way to the sea in the south. From the Great Swamp in the west to the Leper Mountains in the east. This vast territory is largely inhabited by two races. Humans who are formed into aboriginal tribes and Thri-kreen. There is a constant low level war between these races. The rest of the Western World thinks of the human settlements when they refer to Everreach because the tribes of Thri-kreen are extremely unpredictable and mostly uncommunicative to those outside of their culture.

There are five major settlements in Everreach.

In the order of founding:

  • Everreach City
  • Outreach
  • Northreach
  • Eastreach
  • Seareach

Each of these is a permanent settlement; often of an adobe construction. Each is named for the campaign or march that founded the settlement. Each marked a turning point for the tribes. Outreach was a concerted effort to control the choke point just south of Rivers Bend where the escarpment that separated the plains from the Great Swamp. Named for the term the tribes use for those not from the Great Plains the Outlanders. This also helped control the flow of goods into the lands of Everreach. The next two campaigns were capable but not spectacular. Then the campaign that ended in Seareach resulted in a huge societal change. When the tribes that lead the thrust towards the sea arrived on the shores they found several small settlements. These were from people who had sailed west from Seagate or north from the Island Kingdoms. Discovering this unexpected block to their ambitions they wrought a terrible pact with the gods. The result of this was the trigger for the Great Cataclysm, although this is not generally known by the sages of the Western World. Seareach was founded just before the time that Seagate was rebuilt. After all the lands along the continental shelf were destroyed and the floor of the sea fell away.

Outreach is the home of the Ye Xa Yabine group, also known as the Habina tribe. They formed an alliance with the large Asiniibwaan tribe when the combined tribes pushed to the northwest and built the settlement. The Calimay tribe occupies an area to the east of the Habina tribes area and controls access to the head of the Potawatomi River that leads into the Asiniibwaan tribes area and so are interested in controlling their area and access between the two tribes. Along with the Siletz tribe that controls most of the Potawatomi River most outlanders only ever encounter these four tribes during their visits to Everreach


  • Asiniibwaan
  • Attakapa
  • Calimay
  • Habina
  • Havasupai
  • Ridenour
  • Siletz

Natural World

One of the biggest differences that people encounter when they visit the Great Plains is the wide open spaces and the changes in attitude the people have because of that. Traveling for days to visit an unusual rock formation on a whim. Or the ways that animals have adapted to environment. With so few large plants to pollinate butterflies have developed into man sized to large sized creatures that supplement their diet with flesh. This can be small birds or even something as large as a bison calf. Moths at night have taken over the role of pollinator.