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Everyone Knows

Blood Trail Era

From 20-3-342 SKR to 24-10-342 SKR

In the final story arc of the Era the group found the Queen Presumptive kidnapped a third time but the story threads all coming back to the original. The group headed off to the Ghostwood Domain to try to rescue the Princess.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[Master] that ok with you Lisa?
[Branwyn (Lisa)] sure
[Branwyn (Lisa)] acid sprayed out of beetle's butt now or next week is not a big deal

Esmerelda (BiBo!!!)]Beavers are nice folk."
Toybin of Castling (Master)] I have never actually talked to a beaver, how do you know they are nice?
Esmerelda (BiBo!!!)] "You should really sit down and talk with a beaver sometime."
Toybin of Castling (Master)] perhaps they are not so bad
Esmerelda (BiBo!!!)] "Of course they do tend to focus on work a little too much. Kind of like dwarves."
Toybin of Castling (Master)] Qui never seems to work
Esmerelda (BiBo!!!)] "Well, there are slackers in every bunch."

Feed Back & Recollections

Everyone knows who Lord Drake really is; Everyone knows what will happen to the Queen Presumptive; Everyone knows how this is supposed to end.

The twist at the end of the story arc was a good surprise for everyone and it was great to see the characters bouncing on their tip toes anxious about how this would turn out. During this story arc the Players learned a lesson in a hard way that there were consequences for their actions and what they could get away with in the wilderness or small town would not be tolerated in an estate run the Count Drake.

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