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Fantasy Grounds Implementation Planning

This page is to collect ideas and concepts that will need to be developed for moving to a new VTT, presumed to be Fantasy Grounds at this point.

Need to write the code for custom calendars {samples downloaded} to handle days
How to handle the various year designations?
custom calendars need a custom function via extension to properly advance?
Time Managment thread:
Looks like we need to create an extension to interact with the calendar?
  • Chat Functions
Need to be able to save chat
preferably with formatting
Can have drop down of different languages spoken
how does that interact with saved file?
will it save the language tag?
Yes saves with tag, but does not save the image from the chat that replaces what characters do not understand
Chat appends to the end of the file
How to edit the languages that appear on the list of available languages


List of chat commands