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Father Knows Best

Team Building Era

19-5-1259 TGR - 6-6-1259 TGR

This adventure grew out of a favor that Percival needed from the My Shoes!!! adventure. The favor was in exchange for a resurrection spell that the Jarl of Tramolf arranged for him.

Jarl Fergus Dubgall of Tramolf asks the group go after his daughter Affraic because he has an arranged marriage for her to the son of the Jarl Ingimundr of Wollin. She has been fostered to live with the Duke of Votral, and now is refusing to come home.

Duke Mage Bron of Votral met with the Dragonslayers and at a feast they were given three heroic tasks to complete to prove they were worthy of taking Affraic home to her father.

They are: to bring the horn of a Kirin, the Trident of Nethun that has been lost for 60 years, and to bring back the daughter of the Green Mistress, alive.

The first task attempted is to bring back the daughter of the Green Mistress. The Dragonslayers find the western lair and explore the first level. Puzzled by a flying key found over one door, they eventually make their way down to a deeper level and find a shrine to an evil god. After several skirmishes with the fish men the party finds the dragon but it runs away. While exploring the hallways behind them Ramone? suddenly forgets the past 24 hours. The group continues to explore and coming up a different way Moirra suddenly loses her memories and spells also. After a bit of searching they hole up in a fish men area to spend the night and recover from the days exertions. The next morning they go off and explore the watery caverns and negociate with the dragon to come visit Affraic, in exchange Percival swears to protect the dragon for the next year from all harm when he is with her.

The second task was solved by convincing the druids in Wolfspack to help them summon the Master of the Wild Hunt who agreed to contact Rui the Ki-rin. He visited the group and upon the promise of a boon to him went to visit Affraic and complete the task in only 2 days.

To solve the third the group went off to investigate the Earldom of Wingstone?. There they discover that the Paladins of Wingstone have just returned from a battle. After a quick wild goose chase Malagorn negotiates with the Temple to Athena here and borrows the Trident that is housed there to present to complete the final task.

Upon returning to Votral and showing the fruits of their labors, the group returns the daughter to her father and all is well.

After this the group went on an adventure that Mike ran as Guest DM The Dragon! The Dragon! the Dragon!

Early quote:
[Jarl Fergus Dubgall] so you will do this for me?
Moirra (Kaz) looks around at the others.
[Arilyn] are you sure you want us to be a diplomatic envoy?
[Jarl Fergus Dubgall] I need someone strong, wise, careful, and not from my culture
[Arilyn] we're not exactly known for our diplomatic skills
[Arilyn] well, we're strong and not from your culture
[Arilyn] as for wise and careful...
[Moirra (Kaz)] I can speak softly.

Player Commentary and planning

this is where the players can plot and scheme

From John: There are rules for subduing a dragon, which should be reviewed before we enter combat. There are also Charm Monster and Hold monster spells, which we may not have available, but that we could get, if we have enough time & money. Then there is always the kill first, raise later theory. Unharmed should apply only to her state when we deliver her, not how she is when we are "talking" to her.

Feed Back & Recollections

This adventure started off well, the group was semi-resigned to it (Lorie: we will do this favor like we have the thousand before) but they moved forward with the usual grumbling but lets do this attitude.

Hey...I don't resemble that remark! Either Moirra just is too new at adventuring to grumble yet, or she doesn't really fit in well with the rest of the group. Then again, she does have that naive "I wanna help everyone in the world" attitude. (Chances are, they'll all want to kill her, sooner or later...) - Kaz

This took a couple more weeks than I thought it would to run, but it was good fun in the end.

I commented on this adventure over in Is there a point to this?

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