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Finglas is a young elven priest of the god Solonor Thelandira. He was born in 1109 TGR. His mother, Anthelsya is an elven maid of some fame. She is well known in the city of Firness for her beauty and her abilities in the arts. His father, Evernon is a man of stature himself; a high priest of Solonor as well. Finglas is their first born child, and well loved by them because of that. He was doted upon by his parents as a child, and got almost everything he asked for.
When Finglas was a child he dreamed of becoming a windrider. His only goal in life as a young elf was to become the elite of an elite race. Unfortunately, fate did not grant him his wish. He was not an overly strong or hardy boy, stronger than many, but not strong enough to be considered special. Neither was his martial ability up to the skill expected by one of the elite wind riders. When he approached the order in an attempt to be noticed, they tested him and found him wanting in the skills necessary for their recruits. Dejected and bitter over the rejection, Finglas spent a month moping about the house. His mother grew concerned that this might not be a passing childhood fancy, but his father grew impatient. In an attempt to bring Finglas from his black mood, his father hinted at a skill that would best even the elite windriders.
Sparked by interest, and more than a bit of jealousy, Finglas watched his father, seeking this powerful skill that could best the best. After several days, Finglas was unconvinced. Unconvinced until he saw his father using enchanted flying disks as targets for his bow. Finglas knew what his father was hinting at, and wanted to learn more.
Over the next few years, Finglas trained with his father in the skills of the archer. His devotion to his training was great. Almost fanatical. During their training sessions, his father also educated young Finglas in the ways of Solonor, hoping Finglas would show interest in the priesthood and follow in his fatherís footsteps. After a time, Finglas indeed grew interested in the patron god of the new center of his life.
When the appropriate time came, Finglas sought a position as an acolyte of the church, sponsored by his father. Because he was an elderís son, he was given no quarter in the tests. His testing was in fact much more rigorous and demanding than any others. Finglas was told to expect this, and was prepared. The church elders found his devotion to be true, and his skills to be incredible. Finglas was admitted to the Church of Solonor with wide smiles and great hope for his future.
The hopes of the church in Finglas were not ill placed. Finglas proved to be a serious study, and a quick learner. He attended his duties with all his heart, and studied the ways of his god with a sincere heart. He approached his archery practice with great zeal, and was more than a match for many of the priests there by the end of his tenure as a church acolyte.
As Finglas celebrated his coming of age, and his acceptance into the church, his father gifted him with one of his most cherished possessions: the magical family bow Cleathalas.
Later in life, as a new priest, Finglas was given the duty of escorting a human cleric named Theodore Dunwall from the edge of the forest to the temple. The human and a high priest were old friends, and the high priest told his human friend to come live out his last days with his old friend and the beauty of the elven people.
Finglas met him at the edge of the wood, and began to take him in. A few days into the woods, the two travelers were ambushed by a group of wild eyed gnolls. Despite the fact that the two were outnumbered three to one, and the elderly human was of little use in battle anymore, Finglas stood fast and called upon his god as his drew his first arrow.
The elderly human knew he was looking at the deityís hand aiding this young cleric as Finglas defended his charge. Finglasí first arrow took the lead gnoll in the throat before he could even begin his charge, the order to attack dying in itís throat as a wet gurgle.
The remaining five hesitated, staring at the arrow that seemed to appear in their leaderís throat as if by magic. They shouldnít have. The next arrow took the closest gnoll in the eye, killing him instantly. This brought the remaining four out of their shock, and believing themselves to still have the advantage, they charged. Finglas stood calm, drawing another arrow from his quiver and sent it at the lead gnoll. The arrow found itís mark in the leg of the beast, sending the charging monster to the ground as itís leg lost all ability to bear weight. Finglas drew yet another arrow as the gnolls charged, this one finding a home in the chest of one of the remaining creatures, sending that one, too to the ground in a flurry of lifeless limbs and fallen leaves.
One of the remaining two stopped his charge and reversed direction, fleeing into the woods. The other continued, and drew close enough to swing his crude sword at Finglas. Finglas stepped quickly to the side of the overhead slash, skillfully parrying it with his bow as all elven archers are trained to do. He returned the strike with one of his own, his bow smashing into the side of the gnollís head, dazing him for a moment. That moment was all the quick priest required. One hand slipped to his quiver and drew forth an arrow. When the stunned gnoll brought his head around to look again at his quarry, he found himself staring into the pointy end of a knocked arrow. But only for an instant. Finglas calmly finished the five in front of him by sending a second arrow into the wounded gnollís chest, silencing his moans of pain.
By this time the cowardly gnoll almost out of sight, fleeing as fast as he possibly could from this demon possessed archer. The human thought that was that, the fight won, but he had never seen a priest like this. The young elven cleric that was his guide calmly drew forth another arrow, and aimed at the fleeing monster. After an impossibly long second, Finglas released his arrow, knowing that his god aimed the missile truly at the foul beast.
The running gnoll could only look in shock at his chest as the tip of the final arrow burst forth from it, wet with his lifeblood and gore from his now stopped heart.
Days after Finglas had brought the human to the temple safely, he was summoned by the elders. As he stepped into the main sanctuary of the temple he was greeted by the sight of the collected elders and the old human, smiling at him warmly. The elderly man was grateful to the young cleric for allowing him to live out his remaining years, as was the clericís god, Math Mathonwy. Finglas was bade to kneel and receive the blessings of Math Mathonwy from the human. When asked what boon he might wish for, Finglas replied that his only desire was to improve his abilities to defend good from evil as he had that day with the human. With a smile on his lips, the aged priest turned his head to the heavens and asked for Math Mathonwy's blessings to fall upon this brave young cleric. Finglas was then filled with an inner warmth, and he found that from that day forward, his hand was truer than it ever had been with his bow.
Years later, wanderlust struck Finglas. He spent the past few years with the human cleric he had guided to the temple. He would listen to the manís stories of the world outside the woods and of adventured had in decades past. Finglas wished to see this world, and perhaps have his own adventures in it.
The church elders saw this gifted young clericís desire for adventure and knew it was inspired by their godís will. This young elf was too good with his beloved bow to stay sheltered in the city, doing the work of a cleric in the temple itself.
One evening, they summoned him forth again, to a sheltered clearing some miles distant from the city. The elders had gathered there, as had his parents, friends, and the old human. They had prepared for him a last feast, and gifts of farewell. The church blessed him with protective robes?, to keep him safe from the dangers he would undoubtedly face. His parents bade him take the family bow with him, to aid him in doing the work of Solonor Thelandira. The elderly cleric gave his blessings and asked that Finglas always look to defending the weak against evil, as he had that one day years past in the woods.
With a smile, Finglas thanked them all bade them farewell. He turned and walked from the woods that were his home that night, to find what the wider world held for him.
Since leaving home Finglas has joined with the adventuring group, the Dragon Slayers. He died while banishing the Lords of Chaos from this plane, but was resurrected by Anterias and Val. He rules the elven city of Greenborough. Finglas disappeared in 1260 TGR during the Trade Wars story arc.

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