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Flail of the Desert Kings

This golden flail is an artifact from a time when the Pharaohs of the Manetho Empire held sway over large areas. It is a foot long rod of gold wrapped around in spiraling bands of lapis lazuli. One end of the flail is small bulb of turquoise, the other end radiates out with three thin six inch bars of silver that are tipped with turquoise. When wielded in battle the flail acts as a +2 weapon.

Who ever possesses the flail finds themselves with a feeling of loss - that they are missing part of something. Few owners have ever learned precisely what this missing piece is with the quest to solve the mystery becoming an agonizing task. The Dragonslayers came upon this flail during the time they spent in the Underdark attempting to solve the Trade Wars mystery. Finglas was given the flail by Meleager the Lion who had possessed the flail for a handful of years. The characters attempted to find a solution to the flail's mystery in the adventure Khamsa's Folly.