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Stretching Their Legs Era

From 19-10-339 SKR to 4-5-340 SKR

This story was one of the Favor Series that the group went through in repayment of favors they had accumulated. They were sent by Valoris Onod Ancien to retrieve some plants he wanted for a healing potion for one of his trees. The abbreviated request is on the In Character Discussions page.

The group left out of Rivers Bend with two guides to help them on their way and traveled up the narrow cliff path and out across the Upper Plateau towards the boundary city of Outreach. When they reached the top they traveled away from the edge where they could find a small stream for their horses. While the group broke camp a band of Ghouls attacked, paralyzing Branwyn, killing of of the guides and turning him into a Ghoul. Indigo managed to kill all of the Ghouls except the newly created one who ran away.

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I tried to figure out what sort of favor would a Treant want other than things underground, which the group had already done. I also wanted to keep up with the idea of doing outdoor adventures and this allowed me to send the players to a new place where they had not spent any time adventuring before.

I liked how this story arc demonstrated the long running nature of our campaign. There was one full year of real time elapsing between the first night of this adventure and the end. With twists and turns as well as several intervening story arcs it ended up that only two of the original characters who were tasked with this favor were alive in the end to return with the fruits of their quest.

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