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Fool Me Twice

Diplomatic Entanglements Era

From 21-7-1266 TGR to ??? TGR

When the group was in the process of Setting up Home in a new city they found that the key reason they needed to set up a new residence was that the previous Ambassador had been murdered. In the process of the crime she was poisoned, stabbed and burned. The Ambassadors residence was also burned to the ground.

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This story arc was a continuing thread through much of the Diplomatic Entanglements Era as the group attempted to solve the mystery of the murder of the previous ambassador.

As an experiment I put all of the conversations dealing with this story arc in red in the various chat logs.

Chat Logs

Oct 10 14Oct 24 14Nov 07 14Timeline in Bag of CloudsApr 17 15Jul 03 15Jul 10 15