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Fritz Lemoine


I have always been very glad that Fritz joined our game. He was the first 'stranger' to join who had no connection to anyone at the table before joining the game. I met him in my bookstore and we talked of gaming and such. Fritz has a strong personality and is an excellent DM in his own right. My game is better for having him be part of it over the years. He is also one of the reasons we started our online experiments to be able to reintroduce players that had moved away back into our game.

Player Comments


Birthdate: January 18, 1962

Wife: Miriam Lemoine

Profession: Physician

Current Residence: 12214 Country Day Circle, Fort Myers, Fl

Favorite Gaming Moment: Dropping John's (Darian Lambert) glowing magical sword (and our only magic weapon) down a hole to see how deep it was and what was at the bottom.

Favorite Gaming Slogan: Almarin Sunspray "Run!!! I think I pissed them off!!"

Favorite Gaming Motto: "I don't care if I die, just as long as I had fun doing it!!"

Favorite Character: B.O.B. (Bend Over Boy). He was actually Rob's Squire Henchman but we used to take out our frustrations on him when Bob (The DM Anstett) ruined our well laid plans with a screwy rule we didn't consider.

Real Favorite Character: Almarin Sunspray of course. He was my first character in the game and the one with which most of the personality developement occurred. He grew and changed during the years at the gaming table from an arrogant self absorbed Xenophobe into an arrogant caring semi-tolerant individual.


Almarin Sunspray (elven bladesinger)

Lam Isil (henchman) (elf)
Hydergine Greenleaf (henchman) (elf)
Derf Trueheart (construct appeared from a deck of many things)

Mobuto (Quasit Mage)

Reign Tandem? (Minotaur Warrior/Paladin)

Azriel Tandem? (human henchman cleric and adopted daughter of Reign Tandem)

Motubo (Fremlin Sha ir and twin brother of Mobuto)

Rave Starfire

Abu Dhabi