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Budgeford on the Water

A small hamlet in Gold Hills this is one of the two ports in the Kingdom. Located sixty miles upstream from Rivers Bend on "the Big Water" as the Chandler Cowles River is called by most Hin. Budgeford is not a popular entry point into the Kingdom for travelers and there is not large flow of trade goods through the hamlet. Situated along the eastern edge of the marshes and just west of the Hobart Rivulet and Murk Forest Budgeford has a small wall built to help defend the land side of the town. The Wetway Path travels along the edge of the marshes and threads its way up to Stock.

In the center of town is a semi-permanent tent camp set up where the occasional human that visits can stay. There are gypsy families that take this as an invitation to provide trade goods to the local Hin.

Budgeford is loosely separated into four sections. There is the tent camp in the center of town. East of the tent area is a cluster of thirteen homes for Hin. To the west of the tent area is a group of seventeen Hin homes along with two large separate stables for ponies and a wise woman's tent tucked into a corner near the wall. Near the gate that serves as entrance to the town is a set of five multistory buildings. This includes the largest building in town a two story inn that serves as the center of the hamlet. There is a third story copula at one end of the inn that serves as a light house to let travelers know where the town is.

The main families of Budgeford are Bolger, Diggle, Goodenough and Puddifoot.

Named residents:

  • Marjoram Diggle
  • Brandy
  • Bert
  • Gill
  • Thom
  • Bill

The adventurers visited Budgeford on their trip down river during Pirate Queens and then returned to help them with a problem during the Witch Hunters story.

Budgeford on the Water
Players Map of Budgeford on the Water.