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Great Trade Route - Central Area North of Varn

The Great Trade Route in this area carries some of the heaviest and most valuable loads. This section runs from Varn? northward to Bozawa. It passes through several small towns and villages along the way.

With traffic out of the mines of Varn? consisting of metals as well as crafted goods the roadway in this area is actually very well maintained by the many regular caravans that travel it. This cooperative effort is made possible in part by contributions from the rulers in Varn? as well as the various town leaders along the road.

  1. Astragal
  2. Mullion
  3. Fishplate
  4. Resorcinol
  5. Batten
  6. Finial

The Duchy of Brandorn was traveled extensively by the Dragonslayers during the Brandorn building contract.

GTR - Central
Great Trade Route Varn north to Bozawa.