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Gaerdal Ironhand - Gnomish - Priests - Gods

Gaerdal Ironhand is the only gnomish deity who could possibly be considered stern. He remains unsmiling at gnomish tales and pranks (save those of Garl himself). The other gnome deities say he chuckles in private, but this is deeply uncertain. Gaerdal has only a small following among gnomes as a result, but his prime role as a protector deity is one which inspires devotion from those few and respect in other gnomes.

Role-playing Notes:

Gaerdal will often send an avatar to assist gnomes in preparation for battle. He is somewhat hostile to Baervan, disliking deceitfulness, and may have an avatar thwart Baravar's plans if he learns of them. Gaerdal's omens are rather bombastic and a little exaggerated: underground rumblings, a statuette cracking very loudly, rocks detonating, and the like.

Gods Information

Alignment: LG (LN)
Worshiper's Alignment: LG, LN (any Non-Evil, Non-Chaotic gnomes)
Area of Control: Protection, Vigilance, and Combat
Symbol: iron band

Avatar Information

Gaerdal's avatar appears a stem, strong gnome in the prime of life, clad in chain armor, with thick, sleek brown hair and brown eyes. (Fighter 15)

Str 18/40 Dex 16 Con 11
Int 15 Wis 15 Cha 17
MV 12 SZ 4' MR 20%
AC -2 HD 15 HP 120
#AT 2 THAC0 5 Dmg 2d4+4 (hammer)

Special Att/Def: The avatar can create a wave of telekinesis in a 60-degree arc with a sweep of the hand 3/day, the effect lasting 2d4 rounds. He can create walk of iron and stone 2/day each. He wears chain armor +3, a shield + I and carries a hammer + 4 which, when it strikes, utters a loud ringing sound (all creatures within 10' must save versus spells or be deafened for 1d4 rounds).

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Str 13
Alignment: LG, LN
Turning: Turn at -2 levels
Armor: Any Metal
Weapons: Any (Hammer 1st)

Major: all, combat, guardian, protection
Minor: divination, healing, war, wards

1st - Strength
5th - Protection from Evil 10'
9th - Cloak of Bravery

Duties of the Priesthood

Gaerdal's priests are as close to being a warrior caste as one could find among gnomes. They are not common; many are fighter/priests. They are rather moralizing, much less given to levity than most gnomes, and may often be administrators, judges, and the like. Their role as protectors is of major importance. The priests usually erect small statues of Gaerdal at the major entrances to gnomish settlements. Making life difficult for Baravar's followers is also important to these priests.
Level Limit: 13
Hit Die: d8
Shamans: No