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Diplomatic Entanglements Era

Captured 14-11-1266 TGR

From 25-12-1266 TGR to 26-12-1266 TGR

The group was traveling through the Blumm Wood during the Barber for Hire and After Shave adventures when one of their companions was stolen away by a green dragon. With delays in returning home and then in finding where she was being held the group was finally able to put together a good search for her and then formulate a rescue mission.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[Mr. Snevile (Master)] a ravine in a warren or a warren in a ravine
[Mr. Snevile (Master)] in the blumm woods
[Mr. Snevile (Master)] again?
[Mr. Snevile (Master)] Does Prince Ilero plan on living there?
[Mr. Snevile (Master)] He seems to spend an aweful lot of time in those woods

Feed Back & Recollections

This story is designed around the classic rescue operation of the damsel captured by the dragon, always with a twist.

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