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Huzzah and happy day. No longer are my thoughts plagued with the need to drink concoctions that could clean the rust off of a sword. No longer are my feet stubby and clumsy. I feel light as a daisy and quicker than a sparrow. It seems as though I might have caught a cold from that second pool but so grateful am I to be in my own skin, I care not about a minor sickness. Never again will I touch anything of dwarven make unless my purpose is to destroy it. It will also be a long time before I will speak to a dwarf again. I must remember to find a way to return the favor to a dwarf someday. Turn him into an elf and see how he enjoys not being himself. Not even drow would have you suffer such a fate. At least with their evil, you know the worst you have to worry about is being eaten alive by a spider or similar abomination. Perhaps Seriena will be able to help me with teaching a dwarf a lesson someday. She seems adept enough in such magics. Now that my trial by fire has been completed, I look forward to working with her, both professionally and privately. After all, the quickest way to gain power is through the bed chamber or the books of mages. If you can get into the bed chamber of a mage, well then all the better.

This adventuring life is hard work. I much prefer the stage, where I can stand a fairly good chance to end the show in much the same condition as I began it. Tis a learning experience I suppose. I'll be fine so long as I keep my blades clean, my wits sharp, and any dwarves just within range to kill should they do anything upsetting. It is a good day, and I must get back to my next composition.

Filthy filthy dwurf jarms! They're out ta git me! Ah knows it! They're like a plague of locust descending upon the world!

These folk must be blind as a bat and twice as stupid. Ah don't know how the old one has lived tae git as old as he did. The bloody fool grabbed a gem and melted his hand with it! Ah hadda tell im tae put it down befer he lost the hand, then he put it on his axe fer a minute befer pickin it up again! Then the lass and fool haflin begged fer the gem fer themselves! Give it tae the salamander Ah say. But no, they don't listen tae me.