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Ghostwood Domain

This domain is where the southern branch of the Drake family Estates are located. Tucked into a series of sharp hills between the Royal Estates and the central swamps of Drillian the domain has a couple of dark forests and small rivers that flow through them. Prior to the establishment of the Ghostwood Domain the Drake Estates along the Chandler Cowles River were the location of the most prominent members of the family. The group adventured here in Ghostwood during the Everyone Knows story arc then returned for a visit during the Wedding Crashers story arc just over three years later.

The Drake family has a long history of participating in Court politics. Their ancestor was the key reason that law of Matriarchal Male Primogeniture was created. The Drake family keeps their members at home, some say hidden, until they take on a role at Court. The family is most proud of Lisba Drake who was the sixth Queen of Drillian. They also have been at odds with the Uklo family for generations.

Old Drillian History

-307 SKR William Drake declares the Kingdom of Drillian, William I
-281 SKR King William Drake ascends his father's throne, William II
-269 SKR King Charles Drake ascends the throne, Charles I
-252 SKR the start of the War of the Kings
-153 SKR King William Drake ascends the throne, William III
-111 SKR King Bartholomule Drake ascends the throne, Bartholomule I
-98 SKR King William Drake ascends the throne, William IV
-97 SKR King William IV marries his first wife
-93 SKR Expulsion of the Kayugan church and royal confiscation of land and assets.
-86 SKR King William IV marries his tenth wife at Midsummer
-88 SKR King William IV executes his twelfth wife and the noble families rise in revolt in the Second Drillian Civil War
-88 SKR Establishment of the Kingdom of Drillian's new succession law of Matriarchal Male Primogeniture (see Drillian - Political & Society)

Recent Royal family history

2-9-135 SKR Queen Melody Cowles declares that Lisba Drake will the Queen Presumptive
27-9-135 SKR the first of 7 assassination attempts on Lisba Drake
1-2-136 SKR Queen Lisba Drake takes the throne when Queen Melody Cowles dies in the 8th assassination attempt on Lisba Drake
141 SKR The southern line of the Drake family establishes the Ghostwood Domain
12-12-148 SKR Queen Lisba Drake's lover Brank Uklo is appointed as successor
28-12-148 SKR Queen Brank Uklo takes the throne as Queen Lisba Drake retires to the Ghostwood Domain
1-1-149 SKR the first public accusation that Queen Brank Uklo is actually a male masquerading as female
2-8-152 SKR Willow Quellcon takes the throne as Queen Brank Uklo retires childless

Although this happened over two centuries ago this is the source of animosity between the two families. Queen Lisba Drake retired to the Ghostwood Domain leaving Queen Brank Uklo to deal with the problems at Court alone.

9-4-167 SKR Maribel Eustace seduces the son of Queen Willow Quellcon, Rinion Uklo into choosing her as Queen rather than Maribel Drake

Recent History

Notable places in the Domain include

  • Lord Drakes Castle
    • Chamberlain
    • Joseph head of the kitchens
      • Mary, servant Level 1 kitchen
      • Jerome, servant Level 1 kitchen
    • Head of Guards
      • Rondo, guard for prisoners
      • Borin, guard
      • Trun, guard
      • Nor, guard
      • Intron, guard
      • Chard, guard
    • Sam the Brewer
    • Main Temple in Castle
    • Ilmatar, side shrine
    • Vainamoinen, side shrine
    • Ukko, main temple
  • Blackraven Village
    • Important Persons
      • Mayor
        • children
      • glassblower, female
      • locksmith
        • apprentice
      • apothecary
      • sheriff
  • Ghostwood Forest
  • Caverns of Crescent Moon
  • Inn of the Crimson Tears
    • owner
    • barkeep, Barnicot
  • Gypsy Encampment
    • Wisewoman Sunflower
    • Calip, gypsy male
Players Map of Ghostwood Domain.

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