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Gold Hills

Gold Hills is one of the countries that make up the Small Kingdoms. Gold Hills is the proper name for this country with 'the gold hills' being a common name for the physical area that makes up just under two thirds of the countries landscape. Three of the five shires are located in these hills.

The first thing that most outsiders notice upon visiting Gold Hills is the large number of halflings that live here. Slightly more than sixty percent of the population of Gold Hills is made up of the halfling races with the rest being mostly humans. The halfling rulers of Gold Hills are inclusive of the humans that live in these lands as long as they are equally welcoming of the hin as halflings call themselves.

Pipe weed is the major export from this area and the only place in the Western World that can hope to match their quality is Hillshire Haven along the Great Trade Route.

There is a small army of halflings that the Mayor of Gold Hills maintains but they also depend on mercenaries in large numbers utilizing them more than any other country other than Blackwater.

The Velikaya River forms the eastern border for the Gold Hills. The Velikaya helps to protect the Gold Hills and the rest of the Small Kingdoms from too many incursions from Terraguard and the wild areas nearby such as the Cordrawn Hills. There is a ferry service from Gold Hills across and into Easthaven in the western shore of Dryads Lair Principality that carries some limited trade back and forth across the river. There are also some small docking ports for other trade traffic going up or down stream. The main port of entry for Gold Hills is Bywater which is the only settlement than can be called a real port.

Gold Hills
Players Map of Gold Hills.