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Gon lies on the Great Trade Route north of Wolfspack. It one of the first stops of the original group in BOB's campaign. With a little luck, the party saved the town from a goblin attack {The battle of Gon 1-2-1233 TGR}. The day is commemorated by Rescue Day each year.

Many years later on 1-1-1254 TGR Gon was chosen as the home base of Paul ElvenStier when he chose to establish a keep and safe lands that was named the Protectorate of ElvenStier. After numerous attacks, (even more then previously) and no better way of life for the people of Gon, the decision was made for Paul's protection to go underground and not to provide such a target for the enemies of Paul and the DragonSlayers.

Currently there is a magic item that belongs to the DragonSlayers hidden in a wooden storage barn just outside of town. This Dimensional Pool has a control crystal shared by the Dragonslayers in the Party Pack. (See also the Protectorate of ElvenStier Treasury)