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Gotrek Gurnison

Well after a very long time of wandering the lands I heard the news that the Members of the Nine Fingers were once again gathering so I decided to take a detour and revisit friends of old. Twas quite an adventure had by all, but in the end it was off to the old dwarf retirement home for me. I took a fright in tombs that aged me to near death (not to mention a bath in a pool of acid elswhere in the Liches Sanctuary that nearly ate my flesh off and left me a pile of smoldering, stinking bones) and now I sit hear in the Roadhaven Old Dwarf Retirement Home drooling, babbling and staring off into the distance with a crazed look on my face remembering the horrid nightmare of the tomb. Alas, this ole dwarf will wander not the lands for his body will not allow it. So ye see death is not the only horror that was visited upon this merry band of adventurers, but who can say that being tended by beardy girly dwarves night and day is a bad ending. Hehehehe!

Gotrek Gurnison, Hydra Slayer and Worm Rider