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The Great Pancake

The Great Pancake's real name is Esthlunar. Esthlunar is a being from a chaotic plane who likes to look in on the Prime and watch particularly crazy humans. When he found Malagorn and saw how crazy he was Esthlunar was overjoyed. He decided after several days to contact Malagorn directly. This fateful meeting happened over a pancake breakfast. As a plate piled high with pancakes was set before a ravenous Mal, Esthlunar began to speak to the deranged wizard. Mal, being more than slightly insane thought the pancakes were talking to him. Esthlunar decided it was easier just to let it go than try and explain it to him.

Esthlunar gifted Malagorn with knowledge and gifts. He taught Mal special spells that most wizards can not learn and gave him trinkets to aid him on his chaotic way. He still likes to talk to Mal any time he tries to eat a plate of pancakes. As a result Mal often is forced to miss breakfast because he doesn't want to eat his mentor.

Esthlunar is also the one responcible for Malagorn's summoning of Pepe. When Malagorn was in his drunken stupor Esthlunar convinced him to cast for a familiar, then prodded Pepe to answer the call. Esthlunar still chuckles at having a skunk as a familiar.